A/B Test for 24hr Bounty Harbour Claim Period?!


Has anyone else been on a 24hr claim period for their Bounty Harbour? I have been stuck on a 24hr reward claim period for 4 months!! PG just give me the same answer every time I contact them ‘ Unfortunately this is a global A/B test that will soon be rolled onto every player as soon as the initial testing is complete. This 24hr claim period will have increased rewards for every consecutive daily claim.’ So far I have been claiming every day and have been receiving minimal, normal rewards and missing out on my normal 6hr rewards.
Anyone else feeling my pain?! @PGJared please investigate further?


Please post the ticket number here.


1398291 Thank you :blush:


Wait…that’s the bounty harbour daily thing? It would have to be 4x the value of the other check ins if that’s the case surely. Bit concerning if it’s not even noticably increased

Edit: Hit post accidentally :woman_facepalming:


Er…, I’m not one of staff though :sweat_smile:.
However, based on most cases, they will need your ticket number. Therefore, it will speed up the process.

@Arelyna @PGCrisis


PG has stated to me that this will be rolled out to every player. At the moment it’s still in the testing phase so it’s not working correctly with rewards being increased every daily claim. I know this because I have been on this crappy test for over 4 months now and losing bonus spells and rubies every day.!


My little acct has 24hr bounty as well. Get no better prizes than this acct only fewer of them. It sux


I really thought I was alone in this. There has been nothing on the forums about it.


They were looking into it 4months ago, when I sent in a ticket about it from an alt. Dont get your hopes high about it getting fixed


It’s not going to be fixed. Every player will have it rolled out to them soon. So everyone will have a 24hr Bounty Harbour.


Did a PG employee tell you that or did the Zendesk support people tell you that? :t_rex:


The ticket was for Zendesk but I asked to be escalated immediately so it was sent to their specialist team. Kristoper answered me in regards to ‘The Team’ will be rolling this out soon to every player. So I’m just assuming I was sent to PG?


They said on an update notes months ago that it would slowly roll out to everyone


Been there, done that, submitted the ticket, own the t-shirt.
It’s weird because my main has 24 hour… and then my alt started a month later has 6 hour which is convenient since I only get on it once or twice a day…


If it really is working that way, it sounds like they’re moving towards the often-requested escalating login prizes. The whole “Log in every day for X days, with the login reward growing every day,” instead of “Log in every 6 hours for a tiny reward.”

Kinda sucks that it doesn’t seem to be actually escalating for you, and yet their test is still ongoing. Wonder if they just forgot about that project.


Lol, i know someone who gets bounty harbour prizes every 10min. She was surprised to hear 6hrs is normal😂


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