A base without flaks

is there a possible base set up that doesn’t rely on flaks? iif so how would you build it

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There’s lots of base setups that don’t rely on flaks. You can set it up anyway you want to because it would be completely destroyed however you set it up.


So… an invader base?

You could do one without flaks but it isnt going to do very well. The primary loss would be the ice flak which deals with a lot of dragons far more than a cannon ss can. You could use Pylons in place of a flak, storm in place of an earth and maybe whatever the potential new week 8 tower is but you wont have as good of boosts from runes and research

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Don’t do it unless you want to feel the wrath of Elemental Mayhem.


Lightning towers, storm towers and trebuchets are still all very viable towers that, as well as mages, are non-flak. The biggest drawback you will find is that flaks tend to have higher average health than the lumbar only towers so are easier to kill, in a raw numbers perspective. A howitzer would go greatly and I personally have been very happy with my Ice and Fire Turrets until recently when they became uneconomical to maintain.

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I have never actually seen that spell work against turrets. I think it’s just a placebo spell

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hmm this is what i figured that’s a shame i was hoping to try something different with an alt :pensive:

Well… the game has evolved, a lot, and certain dragons have developed certain strengths to better befit the current meta of the game. A base without flaks would basically render it weak against current-meta dragons, and basically make past dragons viable again (for that specific base ofc). I imagine that since the game, and the players in it, have become accustomed to having a dark flak, an ice flak, an earth flak, and the occasional fire flak (in the bold is everything I personally have on my base), the base would be indefensible. It would be great for egg token missions though :joy:


If I may delve deeper on this one so the OP can gain more context as to why the general tone of this thread deters them from a non-flak arrangement, there are two main points that make this the case:

  1. The average stats of flaks are higher than the preceding tower tiers (lumbar only and shards)

  2. Flaks are generally a hybrid of two of the original towers in functionality. E.g., DF is akin to both archer (high dps) and trebuchet (stun hax).

That being said, if one already had a base that has predominantly high level non-flaks (excluding electrum towers) you always have the option to transform/merge into flaks later on. This will be costly in xp deficit but may save you significant embers compared to constructing from scratch, may make maintaining the flaks more realistic and will ultimately greatly boost defensibility and DP.


You mean a viable one? Then no, no there is not.


Completely agree :joy:

Are you sure about that one? They are second only to ballistas on my uselessness index.


Completely valid opinion but I do know those who value its stun utility so, yes, I am sure.

I completely understand, if you do not actively try to stun enemies, it is a useless tower. Much the same as my opinion for cannons; I do not rely on them breaking shields in defense so they are next ballistas in my view.

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Sure the stun is good. But a dark flak stuns with a lot more power behind it and is harder to blink.

Ice flaks turn spells of which in some cases are equal to stuns

Shields/Earth prevent dragons from killing vital towers.

Then you have mages for obvious reasons. I’m really not sure which of these I would ever give up to fit in a treb. Even if it’s not part of the main kill island I’m not sure I would ever value the stun over a howi or a bunch of lightnings.


:100: agreed. That is why I also made this post:

While not something I do, yes, I still assert that some find value in trebs. Here is a base in diamond that uses in in the Long Island and the owner loves it.

I am unsure though why there is a fixation on that one tower I mentioned as viable in the current meta. We need to keep in mind the context of this thread (the OP wants to know if non-flak arrangements are possible) and that not everyone has the premium resources required to have full flak utility across their whole base. That is where choosing a non flak tower that satisfies part of the requirements you desire (treb if you want to stun, storm if you want to shield, etc) comes in; keeping in mind you can then transform to a flak later like I mentioned here:


Who are “those” you speak of? Can I assume they don’t know how to fly hunters or even understand the concept of evasion?

Sure if you are trying to achieve one specific benefit without a flak sure I get your post… but the OP didn’t ask that; they asked about a flak free base being viable… and the simple answer is no. It is not.


Possible, not viable; but, if you assume they meant viable, :100: agreed that it is a definitive no.

If they weren’t asking about “viable” what the hell would be the point of this thread? Anyone can make a flak free base… anyone.