A better Shrine Dragon 😁

Would we be able to get a better Ryuu eventually or just he goes on vacation maybe next season enough defends equals a go around with a mythic?

They say they can’t replace him, but yet he went on a vacation when the mythic invoker was released. Can’t we have a dragon made who is designed to put Ryuu on vacation, like, forever?


There’s a handy dandy magnifying glass on the top right corner. That’s the search function. :slightly_smiling_face:

This has been brought up before. A lot.

How rude :roll_eyes:
Hope ryuu not read this… scandal :unamused:

I love Ryuu :pleading_face: I would be devastated if he was replaced. And so would the people I attack with him :rofl:

l o l
i think he could be stronger tier wise, but meh , let the lil water dragon splash around in the ocean.

I see him as something that’s been part of the game since beginning. Its a novelty sort of thing.

I love and hate him where in a rough patch

Just giving him bit more stopping power would work.

Maybe give the whale a moment to shine

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