A bigger problem in Atlas then Piratesl

Ok so some people complain about pirates getting high bonuses and teams holding castles with no prims or guards and getting bonuses is a big problem in atlas at the moment, but a problem I believe is huge and worse is massively high ranked teams fighting on t2s, t3s and even t4s in areas they don’t even have castles in, until someone is fighting vs a team they feel sorry for and take it from them.

These teams shouldn’t even be fighting on t2s and t3s if they have more then 20 higher ranked castles, they arguably shouldn’t be able to fight in t4s if they have 20 t5s and t6s, like you shouldn’t be able to fight on lower tier castles if your team doesn’t need them, and I think that’s for every team in game.

My biggest issue is teams don’t fight for thier own castles, they just call in 30 other teams and the biggest ta to baby sit them, this is against everything in the fundamentals in atlas, and yes is fine for the teams who don’t wanna play the game it’s easy for them to whine to someone else to protect thier castles, but for teams who want to play atlas this just ultimately really sucks.

Solution -

Remove passage everywhere
Remove surrendering castles everywhere
Lock 5ta’s for a long period

It’s got to the point where mega alliances of whatever side take way too much advantageof passage and castle movement, so it needs to be restricted.

An alt team is bubbled

That alt team surrenders to the Biggest team in game and they bubble everyone else in area.

This is a huge problem, and one of the main reasons why teams are less active and quit, it seems no one can play atlas without the biggest ta in game being a part of it.

I know I will cop a lot of trolls about this, but come on like defend and fight for your own castles or lose them and take a castle somewhere else there’s loads of castles around, it’s a massive joke when every team whines to the biggest ta in game to basically play the game for them and hold thier hand because they don’t want to or can’t play the game themselves, but get the great bonuses like they do play the game.


And before I get the spam saying we shouldn’t be hitting this team anyhow, this team sold out many areas so the biggest ta could move in and take it over, so them getting hit and losing castles really is justified and karma.


I’ve seen an alt team but it was for a retired elite player which is pretty stingy.

Couldnt the alt team just hop in a TA with the bigger team and they can spawn their prims on the castle anyway?

Add that to my list of changes then lock ta’s for a long period haha


Sounds both good and bad with how things are in this game.

Plenty of unowned castles around so I can only see the good in it if you are forced to fight your own battles, like there are replacements everywhere

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Your missing another issue bully teams that have normally been pirates that or certain Diamond teams. Which I’m not going into detail about because it would be classified as calling someone out.

Lol says a player in the top ta abusing atlas rofl, but you guys whine about no castle guards and cheap bonuses, and castle changeover exploits but ignore one of the real problems, I guess being in top ta and don’t get hit by anyone and everyone begging you for help and sucking up to you I guess those rose coloured glasses everything looks awesome.

Like you might call it whining but if teams are actually allowed to play rather then babied and beaten into pulps then the game may have a chance to grow or atleast die at a slower rate


It sounds off quite salty the way you put it that way. Game is not dying in this aspect. Players that threatened quit and butthurt come back after and is seen widespread in forum if you look deep enough. They are just upset the game can’t be played their way.

Players that really quit are those that grow bored of the game.


100% true.

Sounds like the TA that complained to PG about not being able to hit my TA and got them to change rules so they have something to hit , atleast :joy:


Maybe that is your entire mega alliance problem tho. Hit that top TA
Hit them so hard so they never move into area
Problem solved. Top TA have plenty of access castles loaded with guards too :wink:


So top teams aren’t allowed to fight in 80%(Very rough estimate before you comment) of Atlas because they hold higher tier castles? Where’s the sense in that?

Sure let’s allow strong teams to only get T2, T3 and T4 castles so they can hide from top teams and keep bullying lowers like they do already acting as so called pirates (They’re not pirates as they all have a 5ta, in a mega alliance and hold castles with low guards). Sounds like an excellent plan :+1:


That’s the 1 thing they are never willing to do, fight back but then they complain nobody hits the higher teams :thinking:

Well, only complaining can be done. People in mega alliance has the highest number of troops put together and I believe they put in a lot of money into the game.

They are not doing anything wrong as they have exploited the loopholes in the atlas mechanics and established themselves at the top.

Of course, people can fight against these TAs. They have bases like others which can be hit. It’s easy to do…load up troops and find their castles and hit. That can be done. But people are afraid of the consequences.

Do you think a platinum team holding a T4/T5 castle will not be hit by diamond teams? Of course, they will hit. 100% glory. Easy prey.
Their remark would be: If you can’t defend it, don’t hold it. Of course , they are right. Atlas is power balanced in that way.

What can anyone do? Grow your levels and troops and match them. Spend lot more money to get those resources. Recruit better and bigger players. Success for such teams is far away and can only hope to win. Many people don’t want that unnecessary stress.

It is what it is. People just give up because its not fair ground to play with the way atlas is set up.

If you can’t beat them, join them. Right?!!

?castleinfo Peekaboo

Run. :hocho:


Yes :innocent:

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Not quite right, a lot of good players that are forced to play how your ta wants them to play, play a lot less and basically have quit compared to how they would play if they weren’t forced to only play with the top ta.

Meaning they spend a lot less, log in a lot less, barely do anything in atlas or pvp events and just barely casually play, basically close to quitting.

A lot of others in my team have quit or left because of your ta hitting us and I know it’s the same for a lot of other teams that your ta has hit.