A bit of a hand for the long time players

So PG … maybe it’s time to reconsider the ‘no’ verdict on allowing the old timers to trade in / merge or whatever their towers.

Time and again you make decisions that adversely affect the old timers who have been loyal to your game since the beginning. Every time it’s a “suck it up” situation and you have created a much easier path to success for those who have started the game later and flooded you with wonderful, much loved cash. Fair enough, you exist for cash and that’s OK …

I am sure i’m not the only one who has been plugging away trying to make my base stronger, having shortened it along the way, having had to bench many towers that I worked hard on that were replaced with stronger towers (flaks etc) that weren’t available when I started the game, and been giving valuable advice to the noobs to make sure they have stronger bases than I do. Again, no complaints there either … it’s a game, share your experiences, benefit from the strength of the combined team.

UNTILL your arbitrary divisive changes to the war setup that now sees a weak base as being a distinct disadvantage in the game. This is very frustrating when you have a storage box full of fairly strong towers. So perhaps it’s time for a one off amnesty allowing those who choose to partake in it, the opportunity to merge their towers.

This can be limited to those who began the game in 2015 of 2015/2016 so it only benefits those who have wasted their time and money on leveling up towers that you made redundant over time (etc) rather than applied to everyone.

Show a little respect to your old timers who have made your game what it is today. After all, everything is cheaper and easier to get now than it was in the good old days …

Just a thought …


And what about all the xp gained from building those towers? And that’s just the tip of the iceberg of concerns and problems that would arise from this.

Hasn’t a weak base always been a disadvantage?


I agree I would never had build so manny cannon towers balistas archer lightning all to be replace first by turrets then the flak towers they are nice but loads of Xp and timers wasted on towers we don’t use anymore and wouldn’t have build if there where flaks and turrets and the crap with getting research making them cost half price and cut down in effect but we old timers paid full price on green gold etc compensations would be in place

It’s just the way it is. I started in autumn 2017 and still built a lot of trash towers although flaks were there already, but I did it because I was not aware of the right tactics in low gold league, my leaders were learning with me and we had no idea about the forums, although all the info was here already. And people still build a lot of trash even nowadays. But I adapt to the changes. What have passed, stays in the past. And the towers stay in the storage, who cares if they are there? Fix your base according to the current meta and continue building.
They continue discounting towers and they will continue discounting dragons breeding (why don’t you ask for this then? you’ve got all dragons for the full price back then and now they are much cheaper. If that’s your concern, you should be desiring this one too)

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