A breeding question

Hi guys !

Does anyone know if it is possible to breed when the castle is evolving (not during a breeding event) ?

Thanks for your answers :grin:

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Yes but only during breeding events

Ah didn’t read your whole post haha…I don’t think it is but you shouldn’t really be breeding outside of those events anyhow

You can get there from the research hall outside of breeding events.


I’m pretty sure if you go into research hall and click on a research then click where it shows you have 0/25 gold eggs (or whatever) it should take you into the castle.

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From Hall of Research. Click on the egg icon where the research hasn’t been completed

:joy::joy::joy: Three post answering almost at the same time


Lol good to know, actually never would of thought of that

Ok I’ll try ! Thanks :grin::grin::grin:

I could’nt do it by the hall of research because there was an ongoing research so I tried by the builder hut and it worked :muscle::muscle::muscle:
Thanks to all of you

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Just be careful of that, if you meet all the requirements for both of those there is no way to get to the breeding castle when it’s not during a breeding event.

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Even if you have research going on, you can still scroll ahead and see a topic you have not researched that you do not have eggs for and get into the breeding den.

If your research hut is upgrading, then you cannot do it.


Thank you so much for this thread… I didn’t know any of this and you’ve saved my life.

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Even then, if you don’t have the proper forge level it won’t let you do so as well. I would recommend just checking ahead of time before upgrading the breeding castle.

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There’s always going to be research you don’t have enough eggs for.

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I beg to differ :laughing:

Sigh. Click ahead to other research items…

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Ok now what…

Um - keep going? :man_facepalming:

Sorry but my impression of you so far on forums is that you’re pretty switched on so this is a bit of a surprise for me honestly.

Go to a gold, platinum, or hell, sapphire research…

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What I’m trying to get at here-

There would be no way for that account of mine to get to the breeding castle when upgrading because I’m not missing any egg requirements anywhere and would need to upgrade the forge before it would need me to get the eggs.

Ebony is being sooo difficult :rofl:

This is the last time I’m going to repeat myself.