A buff or replacement spell for Ozydias

In my opinion many were disappointed by Ozy so I’d like to suggest some changes.

  • Turn Dark Flak resist to health regen.
  • Turn Dark Flak resist to increased dps
  • Turn Blight to health regen.
  • Turn Blight to increased dps
  • Turn Desolation to health regen.
  • Turn Desolation to increased dps
  • Turn Corrode to health regen.
  • Turn Corrode to increased dps
  • Dont change
  • Change anything

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I think the chances of a legendary dragon getting a buff are pretty small: basically zero considering how hard it is to push through changes to a divine or lineage mythic.
However, Ozy could be quite useful in Assault so I’m interested in making it a more functional dragon as it is a little…lacking.

Personally my change would be replacing the dark flak resist with a spell that freezes and freezes all projectiles from an automatically chosen tower, prioritizing Howitzers. It wouldn’t deal damage, just freeze them. The spell would also restore health and then have a decent cooldown. 1 rage, white.

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You’ve had the dragon for—at most—four hours, and already decided you don’t like it? :roll_eyes:


where’s the ‘i don’t care, i just wanna see the result.’ option? :pleading_face:


Lol pick one

Not sure what that’s supposed to prove. What kind of gear is on the rider? How bout runes? The person that made this video is the same who told us to build hundreds of level 10 ice and fire turrets for extra points in fortification. :ok_hand:


I mean…he doesn’t have ways to heal. The only drags that can pull that off are drags with a high damage output from and a f ton of damage prevention (Morak)

I mean… if he did he’d likely be closer to mythic territory. Just like Morak would have been when ppl were all “omg he needs a heal”.


Ozy doesn’t have the damage or protection (or other features) necessary to make up for a lack of healing. When flown right, Morak is hard to touch and can one shot towers over and over.
Morak definitely should not have receive any ability to heal, as that dragon goes down as one of the much more powerful legendaries. Ozy is not of the same caliber as Morak, so while it is a good thing Morak wasn’t given the ability to heal, Ozy is just crippled.

Ozy has 1) a spell similar to Hyaku’s meteor (so not amazing). It’s a short duration tower freeze and damage spell that ignores mages but costs a full 2 rage (not that it should cost 1 rage, but compared to other 2 rage freeze spells it’s a tad underwhelming) it’s not a bad spell, but for Hyaku it wasn’t sufficient for that to be its only spell with a damage output. Hence Hyaku being a quite crappy drag 2) a shield that applies rage marks. This is a quite good spell: 1 rage, white, decent duration, and rage marks; but if there’s a Howi or ice flak…which most bases have…yeah. 3) a spell with a pretty ok damage output but has the disadvantages that come with randomized damage assignment. Sometimes it’ll just hit one tower and then blast into a monument and stop. 4) a dark flak resist. Ozy is basically a Hyaku that traded the ability to heal for more damage.

Compared with Morak
1)Basic attack is tower removal. 2) a 0 rage temporary damage prevention (can be disabled by ice flaks or howis, but it doesn’t rely on this spell for rage like Ozy does) 3) a cloak that instantly regens its tower removal and as a cloak allows it to avoid damage. 4) a cloak that increases its rage generation and allows it to attack while not getting attacked.

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Don’t like the dragon don’t get it simple.

Hey guys , i have a question:- in Odins video (above) can anyone tell me what happened at 0:39 time stamp.
The shield was up and still the mage supershot hit the drag. That is not supposed to happen right

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He’s a legendary warrior, that pretty much translates to disappointment. He’s discounted, that’s basically all that matters. If you’re at a level where you still use legendaries then he should be fine. If you’re not then chuck him in the den with the rest of them or leave him at a certain tier for Assault/Temple Raid

I think probably the only non disappointing legendary warriors were Cav, Gryff and maybe Chel (fun dragon but still had the garbage Rampage spell)


ozzy’s shield isn’t working as intended.

Asking for buffs for every dragon will possibly render impossible the needed buffs for the few that actually needs them. Unless the spells are not functioning as intended just let be.

Mythics under or over performing is another story

It’s based on Northern Lights, so it’s not a major surprise to me that it doesn’t block mages, even though the description clearly states it does.

Interestingly Sylphen’s Mark of Twilight is based on the same code (same family), and had the same text about blocking mage shots too. I suspect that also never worked but nobody noticed since it was a 1s blue shield and practically never was used on mage shots.

Will be tricky for them to get this fixed I suspect, basic spell functionality like blocking mages or not doesn’t seem like something that can be changed by a simple parameter.

For reference: https://wd.neon-wonderland.com/spell/view/northernLights-blight1


Ok that makes some sense.
This does make this drag a bit weak as its not even having a perfect defense nor he is having a good offense.

Tez ended up pretty decent as well
But yeah in general warriors have always been disappointing.

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Not a fan of chain lightning spells…unreliable in general and there’s no way to strategically employ it. This dragon is like a variant of Coatl…enough said!


I have just posted a video about Ozydias gameplay, and i think he is powerful fair enough for a legendary warrior.