A Call for Action Against Bullying

This post is to shed light on aggressive targeted bullying and Pocket Gems lack of action to do anything to protect their players from it.

For three days two teams in my 5 team alliance was under attack by a notorious bully in the game. These two teams received numerous threats, backlash and were constantly being bad mouthed and mocked by this player in the league chat. He attacked for 2 hours straight the first day, 3 hours the second day, and 4 hours on the third day. And what triggered it? A simple disagreement about league chats. He had no intentions of capturing the castles he attacked. He purposefully waited until shield cooldown was in the last hour. He loaded no more than 2000 troops on his primarchs at a time. We’ve had to call upon ten different teams from across the leagues to try to stop him, including two pirate teams who answered our call for help. Even a Diamond team player tried to help by contacting this player about his behavior. Nothing has stopped him and he has threatened to carry these attacks out for a whole month. No player who causes this much disruption to the game should be allowed to continue to play.

Further investigation revealed that ours is not an isolated case. This player is known for aggressively targeting weaker Platinum teams, teams that have not a single player among them that is strong enough to stop him. He carries out these hours long attacks on them, giving them no time to recover and only stopping after they have yielded to him. This player has driven whole teams to quit and yet Pocket Gems has done nothing to stop him.

And to top it all off, this player boasts about his cowardly accomplishments and posts the coordinates of his victims in the league chat just so his “fan club” in the league chat can witness his brutal act.

After enduring an hour of the attack on the first day several of us reported it to Pocket Gems who said they would do nothing about it and only gave us base building tips. Half hour later, I reported to them that he was still attacking my ally’s castle and that the base building tips are useless as he was attacking players 200 levels weaker than him. They said a team would look into it, but still no action was taken to stop the abuse. I then reported to Pocket Gems that I had found out from others across the leagues that this player was notorious for this behavior and that his actions have driven players and whole teams into quitting the game. Pocket Gems still did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to prevent another attack! It would have been so simple to suspend that player’s account pending the investigation, but instead they’ve allowed him to carry out these attacks, draining us of our troops and our energy. They are letting this player get away with it and by so doing, they are encouraging it.

Any company that allows bullying of this caliber is not worth supporting.

We are done, Pocket Gems! By allowing him to terrorize us like this our enjoyment of War Dragons is gone. Pocket Gems won’t even uphold their own terms of service. Unless we see that Pocket Gems is putting more effort into solving this matter, they will get no more money from us! And if Pocket Gems still refuses to resolve this issue and allows this player to continue playing, we will be quitting! For Pocket Gems will have proven to us that they care more about one ex-Diamond tier player than they do about their Platinum tier players who make up a huge majority of Atlas. And do take note that I have not once mentioned this player’s in-game name in this message.

To all the good players of this game, if you dislike bullying as much as we do and if this outraged you too, then join us in this boycott and tell Pocket Gems just how unacceptable this is.


So hitting castles is against the TOS now okay.


This isn’t a call out so we don’t know who it is. But PG doesn’t like boycotts at all. Not after the last boycott.

There are plenty of teams who don’t have a single castle because they simply can’t hold one on their own. Whether it be a full Diamond I team that decides to tear down another team or a single strong player, the potentiality of this kind of thing is precisely what you are signing up for if you decide you want to reap the benefits of Atlas.

It’s like you decided you weren’t getting enough enjoyment from swimming in your swimming pool and decided to swim in the ocean—in waters that are known to be shark-infested. And then you complain that the lifeguard isn’t doing his job when a shark comes and takes a bite out of you.

Atlas is known to be punishing, and sometimes that comes from individual renegades who just want to burn things for kicks and giggles. This is the price you pay when you decide to take on castles in Atlas. Don’t like it? Join a pirate team that doesn’t have any castles, and you’ll never have to deal with this.


Here’s an issue I have with that nothings stopping anyone from farming you and making you quit in an instant. That stuff can happen even outside of atlas.


Nobody truly makes you quit though, right?

If you quit, that’s your decision. There are plenty of other options that don’t involve quitting for good.

If you had a friend being constantly farmed and didn’t like that then you’d understand, this was only about 2 years ago though and that guy refused to stop being a meanie.

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I can’t see how this thread can be different from all the others…
Few examples searching “bully”


What terms of service are they supposed to uphold? You are aware this is a game about attacking people with dragons, right? There are no rules about who you can and cant attack or how many times you can do it. This is the fundamental design of Atlas and many smaller teams dont seem to understand this. If you’re gonna have a castle then you’re gonna get hit. That is something you have to accept. Or dont reload your guards and dont station troop heavy primes there so there isn’t anything for him to get. It seems rather absurd for you to come here complaining about PG not stopping someone from playing the game.
You coming here and complaining about it is exactly what he wants. Calling in all those teams to try to stop him is exactly what he wants. He doesn’t care about the glory, he cares about getting a response out of you and seeing you get upset about it. He’s trolling you and you’re giving him a feast of entertainment. I guarantee he loves seeing all those red lines moving in.
Now if he is sending repeated threats then that is something you could report as that is against ToS. But support isn’t going to do anything when you’re reporting being attacked. Is he being a dick? Yes, but that’s not against ToS. If it was then we wouldn’t have enough players to fill 1 league

What this sounds like is your alliance was given/bought access castles and none of you are strong enough to actually hold them. My suggestion then would be to dump your castles and be a pirate team. At that point he cant do anything to you and you’ll have far less to worry about.
Every Platinum team wants atlas and wants castles but most have no idea what goes into playing it. You are far better off not having castles and just hitting anyone you like.


Only? Seems like you dont know what real attacking means :face_with_monocle:




I see 2 different issues here:

Multiple attacks: Not bullying or against community guidelines/TOS, so if you report multiple attacks, you will probably be told Tough luck, grow stronger.

Abusive behavior in league chat or IGM on the other hand is something else. There is a chat report tool and for ingame messages you can screenshot them and send them to support.


i can bet i can guess who it is lol


is he a 623??? and in a plat team??


1, cords can be posted in league chat
2. bad mouthing is him asking said team why so many people are needed for 1 single person and that he plans to keep going for a month is not a threat

  1. there is no limit of troops one has to bring

4.of course yours is not a isolated case as he is in plat as are they, he is a pirate

5.said team hes attacking has 520+ who should be able to drop him

6 he can talk of what he accomplished in game that again not a rule breaker

  1. pocket gems is not catering to no one as it is a war game whats lc for to sit and look pretty?

  2. whom has he made quit the game? whom has he disbanded?

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I heared this lately about me cause i wared teams out D1 that disbanded after :eyes::see_no_evil:


Shiiiiiit, sometimes we have the same ppl snipe us all day long lol. I think it’s time to grow a pair


Its a war game after all though :face_with_monocle:

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all this post say’s is pg we want this player banned for playing the game how it is ment to be played we are suppose to not be touched by anyone :confused:

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That is the result of utilizing unbalanced engagement to produce revenue and that provides a environment where bullying is almost encouraged.
And a platform where aggressive offensive tactics will be perceived as bullying especially when egos are involved and it’s easy to be “The big Man” when engagement is unbalanced and players are rewarded for attacking down!

That’s on PG :man_shrugging:

And the whole mentality of “ if you can’t hold it you shouldn’t have it “ is just pathetic……

And we wonder why no one stays to play ….