A Call for Change

In the past six years of the game that I have been around, there have been ups and downs. International friendships were built. Challenges were issued and defeated. Respected PG staff departed ways. Factions were created to assist with concepts and community engagement. Players made their voices heard with ideas that they believed would help gameplay. An entire new temporary section of the forums was opened for select players to openly discuss ideas regarding Atlas with PG. The forums have been rife with drama, activism, and arguably more scandal than a Maury episode.

One of the most common points of activism was for change in the game. Countless suggestion threads, PGCanWeTalk, the Limited Time Chat, and others called for components of the game to change to help endgame become more competitive. As it currently is and has been, the status of endgame is stagnant and repetitive. Atlas is a game of lag, bugs, and status quo. As a result, in the past months we have seen multiple teams either merge or vanish due to boredom and lack of competition. Several of these teams were top performers. Some were more surprising than others. But the bottom line in each of them was tedium brought on by monotony.

It is no surprise to anyone who frequents these forums that there is change needed in order to keep the game alive. No matter alliance, league, playing longevity, or spending status, it is a fact that is evident. There have been threads started by both PG and players with suggestions.

While it may appear redundant, in order for change to happen, change has to happen.

Too many times have decent baseline ideas been completely ripped apart and trashed by the community before they are even tested. In order for change to happen, change has to happen. This is a call for the community to be constructive in criticism, open to new ideas, and to not be afraid of the unknown if it potentially makes the playing experience as a whole better. Vitriol does not make the game or the community better.

Too many times have decent ideas gone unchecked and unnoticed by PG. In order for change to happen, change has to happen. This is a call for PG to consider ideas, however out of the box they may be, to think creatively for new solutions to old problems, and to have the courage to move forward with good ideas (maybe with some adjustments) in spite of vitriol in the community.

In my 6 years of playing, there have been many ups and downs. Friends have stopped playing, mostly due to lack of challenge. 90% of the passionate players who worked on PGCanWeTalk have since retired. There is someone at PG that I respect (although I suspect is overworked). Factions exist to assist with concepts and community engagement. The community is vocal, if highly resistant to any form of change. (And the forums are still rife with drama and more scandal than a Maury episode.) Something for all of us to remember, community and PG alike:

In order for change to happen, change has to happen.


[citation needed]


Agreed , I see a lot of people refer to wd chores cus yea a lot of it does seem like a chore. We need more enjoyment, less bugs and personally I would like more events. The ones we have, excepting crystal caves, are so well samey and for years. It took so damn long for a new event , why not revise old ones with a twist or modify them a bit but without breaking them completely again. Also yea atlas needs something dramatic tbh, lag is so bad it quite often is unplayable. I think a new map or something could be done but again the idea seems to of vanished. I know last time it was a bloody nightmare but maybe listen to player suggestions more?


I agree … and the mechanics they have instituted has only created greater player burnout as opposed to new, fun, challenging game dynamics.

I see the writing on the wall and I give WD one year max before it truly implodes and everyone leaves.


What would be fun?

What are the suggestions? (Cue @MALIK)


I can beat him to it and post a link to his atlas stagnation thread.

However, back to OP’s point…honestly? Y’all just need to lighten up and have fun with the game. Throw away all your charts, bots, and calculators. Abandon your castles, dissolve your teams, and start over in Bronze. That would eliminate stagnation for a while (a season at least) :wink: PG wouldn’t need to do anything.

Go meet some fresh faces and help them discover the game. See the game through their eyes and rediscover what you liked about it.



This is supposed to be a game. And, while war can be strategic and serious, every day “Dragon Life” is getting really old really quick. Building troops is a chore atop everything else I have to do when I log in. Pvps aren’t fun basically finding a base to attack for 5 straight days…

Being an officer in a team is a second job we don’t get paid for. I’d like to be able to enjoy the game without constantly having to work for this game.

I’m very willing for drastic changes at this point; provided they are equal for everyone. Wipe all castles and have us re-do them; i don’t care. But, I also think there has to be creativity. I personally don’t think a map wipe would be interesting cause it’ll eventually just get us back to where we are. There’s no new content added. Set a damn point for Atlas. Create something that’s purely fun for all. But, it’s so monotonous now.

It’s a pain to conquer castles if you’re not a big boy. The game is set up to reward the bigger players so they continue to get bigger. You can’t tell a platinum team (that’s also equivalently ranked in APR) to go conquer a castle. It rarely works without serious insight. There just aren’t enough “good” players anymore to have an active enough team to successfully do that. Sapphire gets screwed cause it seems people want to be in Diamond for competition and the big boy castle bonuses; OR, they want plat cause they want a vacation home when life gets busy.

There are so many issues at this point because no significant change has occurred in so long. So while I stick around… I do so for my team and the amazing friends I’ve made in this game-- it’s certainly not for the stimulating game mechanics. I hope something can be done… but I’d be lying to say I’m not a Negative Nancy about it.


I agree 100%.

Seen so many friends leave.
Many teams fold and close.

I don’t see many new players joining.

We need PG to show us a fresh roadmap. We need some excitement back in this game.

Otherwise the path is a slow bleed out over the next few years.

I know many of us remaining hope for change and excitement but we just haven’t seen much put forward by PG in the last few months. Not a criticism I know PG folks have been shuffled around and there is some onboarding going on.

I hope PG will post an exciting vision of where they wanna take the game… and soon!

Continued silence will do more harm than good.


This is the hardest part.


Agreed there are so many people I really miss flying with or trying to beat their bases and now just gone.

I mean every league change I am seeing someone in sapphire disbanding it feels like.
I’m hoping with dread closing its doors this is a real wake-up call. Pg need to do something, at the end of the day I only buy elite but I know tons of “big spenders” and quite a few have moved on already. If not for the players Pg think of your revenue :sweat_smile: truly I would love something to actually get my teeth into


Future of the game :eyes:

Yes, we do need change.
Not minor tweaks, but (in addition to solving the issues with lags etc) true change.

People are leaving the game … long term players. Many of them. Many well respected players. Many friends lost :persevere:
Long-standing teams are disbanding. Respected ones.
The heart of the game is dying.:cry:

Does PG want to keep this game as a money-making business?
Then they need to fix this.
And fast, before the exodus accelerates.

What will help to fix this? Here’s an idea :bulb:

. Break atlas into 2 universes, home universe (Home) and fight universe (Fight).

. In Home, give each team one non-conquerable castle of each element (5 castles).
These can be a T2 of course.
All these castles are access.
They can all be off SZ. Or they can all be off NML.
These 5 castles give each team a foundation for the game and attract more players to play atlas more. T
They likely give more people desire to buy atlas elite, including players and teams that are new to atlas (help build their addiction lol).
Teams can still be attacked at their castles, including guards, but there is no conquer button.
Teams decide if they wish to have guards or not. Bubble rules still exist.
But the majority of the action is in the other universe (Fight).

. In Fight, which gets reset every atlas season, there is no limit to how many castles teams can have. In fact, Fight looks the same as the current atlas, just gets reset every atlas season.
At the start of each season there will be loads of fights as people pour into it and conquer castles. Never again a stagnant atlas.
At then end of each season, again loads of activity as people try to solidify their team’s season standing.
Lots of people paying for atlas elite as lots of troops lost fast and furious.
This universe functions as the current atlas does but, as said, resets each atlas season.
Here is where the rewards for activity are earned.

The seasonal reset will keep people interested and also will interest even more people to get atlas active, as they can see opportunity each season for them to have meaningful atlas activity and profiles.

This will mean no stagnant atlas, exciting competition each season, and more gameplay.


Absolutely change is needed. And we do need good ideas to fix what is going on. BUT the ideas have to be good and actually resolve the issues without making it worse later. We have seen many short sided ideas that fix issues for a while but do nothing to prevent them returning (the wiping and resetting of atlas for example. Sure everyone gets a fair shot but it doesn’t solve the inevitable stagnation).

And we have had some of those ideas that PG has not done anything with. We do need them to start taking them, or doing something of their own making as long as it fixes the problem.


Part of why I mentioned that even if there is violent backlash, there needs to be the courage to push through if the idea itself is good. The Crusades idea was a very good base idea that needed tweaking. Now it’s apparently been taken off the table from what Galileo said in his office hours.


Here’s a legit suggestion-

Limit forum to 5 active suggestion threads at time. Require threads to be responded to by PG before they are locked, and only then allow new threads to be opened. This would hold PG accountable to actually respond to ideas, and would keep the community focused on only a few suggestions at a time…rather than ENDLESS pages of lunacy.

Off Topic can be used to hash out ideas that are not yet flushed out enough to be suggestions.

A focused conversation is the first step in having a constructive debate.


This was part of what was beautiful about the Limited Time Chat. Everyone could see what was being discussed, there was no trolling, the people included were trusted to know the game well, and suggestions and commentary could be kept in a different section of the forums.


Isn’t that what the Early Birds do, but we don’t actually see it?

That’s called a season long event and I’ve played one of those and it was not profitable or pg would have ran it again!
The Great contest was not my idea fun nor does it provide a long term feature
Originally events had become stale and repetitive which they still are and the map was added because events don’t support long term play :man_shrugging:
Making atlas reset every season reduces the map to a pathetic event!
We don’t need a season long event we need a map with a singular d@m objective :man_shrugging:
And positional attacking to support and control escalation for balanced long term engagement!
Or we can keep playing back and forth making small useless changes that move the issues around and create player loss! :man_facepalming::boom:

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Fair enough.

But consider this…within the past month alone, how many times have you seen a great idea get brought up in forums…discussed in good faith for a few weeks…then silence from PG…then the trolling starts…then the post is abandoned and an almost IDENTICAL post is started by somebody else?

Sound familiar? “We” (the collective we) are not reading what other’s write before we respond…we’re just chiming in with our two cents and then using it to switch the topic into something else. It used to drive me nuts when I’d post something about new player experience, and then three veterans would join and start discussing atlas politics.

I’m with you…but you can’t change the community. We can, however, MANAGE the community. If the forum is used in a way that allows ideas to be discussed and also requires PG to at least respond (even if it’s just “great idea we will discuss” or “not possible at this time sorry”) then a lot of the noise can be muted IMO


Change is needed for sure… I’m tired of looking in matchmaking and seeing dozens per shuffle teamless. I’m tired of seeing people struggle to recruit and teams just disappear into the wind because no one wants to play anymore. This game has so much potential. Idk about everyone else but I used to play GOW, and GOW (and many other mobile games with the same concept!) was ruthless when it came to pay to playing, this game is not quite there yet and that’s what I and many others love about it.

Atlas needs to change for sure, the lag, the bugs, it has to stop. No product should be released unfinished or to the point where it’s unplayable. And that’s quite literally the state atlas is in.
I’m not even gonna mention last night and the lag and lack of chat there were.

Bad change? Bad… we change that then. But something has to happen before it’s too late and from what’s happening so far… there ain’t much time.


Does PG want suggestions? Does PG feel a long-term vision is still warranted? Does PG want their game to be event based or a years-long challenge?

Seems community is engaged and there are many creative people and many suggestions, but do we know if they care? If the future of the game is to manage revenue until it’s no longer profitable, they’re doing pretty well. If the future of the game is “we want an awesome dynamic game environment with a long-term goal or potential,” that’s different.

I appreciate the responses when PG employees take the time to respond, but so many of the responses lately seem to lack candor. They respond to limited threads, mostly about new features which I’m sure push revenue. I haven’t seen anything about excitement for the game or an actual employee state outright that the company is invested in this game for years to come. They can see that Atlas is a map with no goal. That’s not a secret. There’s literally no goal. Dread won and walked away… they know this. My only question is do they care? And I’m not being snarky. I mean that as a legitimate question. It’s completely fine if the answer is no. Just let us know that and make our choices.