A call for segregation


This is just basically a rant I decided to have. It’s not always easy to express what one means but I will try and articulate it as well as I can. I have no issue with pay to play. I myself have spent plenty on this game. I have done my time in diamond and I’m still moderately competitive. However I can’t compete with some players and that is the nature of this game, that some people will be better. It’s easy enough to say just drop from D1 and enjoy the game with people more at my level. But that’s not the case. Any player can reach out and touch another in this game. And that’s where the separation of pay to play and free to play loses. With aspects like beta being forced upon us and it being an integral part of the game, the teams that spend way too much can destroy months of work in a day by dropping cash. That is where things start to lose interest for me. Thats where the game becomes unfair. Maybe if we can find a seperation of leagues even in beta the game will regain its luster a little.


So you don’t like being touched by other players? Or you do? Just wanted to clarify.


This separation exists, you can stay in the neutral zone. If you want the extra rewards you build a base and attack others. Most teams on the outskirts are low level and large teams will struggle to hold 40-50 bases due to number of players.

I see no issue fighting against spenders myself. It happens in all games. You drop leagues to fight wars more based on your teams level. If you want the extra rewards you may need to pay to compete. I’m struggling understanding how it effects your game play, drop leagues if wars or events too tough.

If beta is tough to keep a base move to the edges or drop out of diamond. Remember Beta at the moment is D1 and D2 only. I would suspect as this rolls out further lower teams will be introduced and the map will get bigger to allow this to happen. As mentioned above the more bases a team has the more stretched to defend and weaker they can potentially become.


I agree. They should put all the F2P players on servers that are paid for by the F2P players…oh wait.

Exactly. So quit whining.


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