A call to address mismatched game resources

I am here to raise the question of lack of rss, particularly hammers again. (And again). It’s been discussed many times over the past 3 years and still nothing viable has been done.

At the crux of the matter is that resources are consumed at vastly different rates by different players, based on level of activity, type of game play, state of atlas security and level of protection. And yet the drop rates are the same for all players.

  • I personally need it to start raining hammers at 10x the rate of the normal drop.
  • Others need healing potions.

With the advent of the beast raid button reducing bronze chests this matter will get worse for time-poor players.

The trader has been a good addition to the game, but the restrictions on amounts make it largely meaningless and tokenistic.

The economy of the drop rate of hammers to the rate of use:

  • can use 20 in one defence, sometimes more sometimes less.
  • You typically see a drop of about 1 hammer in every 2 defences.
  • You can make 5 hammers in 15 hours. If you are defending several times an hour you can see the mis-match.
  • You can make them for 610 rubies per 5 hammers. Thats saying a single hard-fought atlas defence is worth 2k rubies? Hell no, not even the glory you get in defending is worth that.

I have gathered all the relevant previous tickets and comments here in one place with a heartfelt request that PG @PGJared @PGTimber @PGMatt take a serious look at this.

10 Forum posts specifically related to lack of hammer economy.

How many more forum posts are needed?


This is a huge issue in atlas if you want it to be balanced.

They should change the defensive tools used in Atlas to be something only acquired in Atlas, maybe per beast hit, in atlas event rewards, etc.

That way, those that need them for Atlas can easily acquire them and those that don’t, dont.

Maybe make them drop in large amounts in the Atlas chests :man_shrugging:


Good ideas. Any idea is better than the current situation.

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Also monument boosts for HP and AP have an insane huge difference to drop. Maybee 1 more year and ima run out of 1 of them 2 while still have several k of the other…


it would be nice to see to remove the number of healing potions, and all three active defense consumables including hammers for all accounts and just set it infinite amount, so that nobody will have to worry about them anymore and will be able to use them in defenses. :joy:

for the chest drops, replacing them with other resources, timers, ember, tokens, whatever would make things easier. :rofl:

When they make consumables infinite, be worried, very worried…

All we need is prize claim flexibility :man_shrugging:
Give us options when prizes are offered and we will claim what we need when we need it….

Ehhhh…… so many currencies just some flexibility from pg would be nice!
We could stop forging hammers continuously lol


This seems like a serious issue I hope they update and fix it as needed :thinking:

Or an unlimited exchange for common consumables with an exchange rate they set so it’s not abusable.

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Didn’t they already try that and it failed, miserably (ie they couldn’t figure out how to monetize it/make it so it wasn’t hackable, so we now get the Trading Post)?

Sorry, missed a few years ago must have missed that

Yeah, I wasn’t part of the test bed for that, maybe GPF was, I dunno. Basically, they created a consumable exchange, problem was they couldn’t get prices right so it couldn’t be exploited or something similar. All tied back to something you could actually buy, iirc, but then it has been a few years and I probably have PGs failed projects crossed in my mind……

I’m not holding my breath on that one ……
I wish :crazy_face:
They beta tested a real trading post and it was excellent but apparently not “securable”………

Was to prone to hacking or something along those lines because after beta it never went live!

And yes it was extremely helpful while not the best exchange rates they were reasonable.

Just stop defending, easy. I did that and now I have lots of hammers.


Went pirate :pirate_flag:
That helped :rofl:

Just add (not replace) one option to trading post each day designated to trading of the following for each other… 100 for 70 as an example, with an option of x 20. I’m sure that a rotation could be figured out to hit every variable over a reasonable amount of time.

Over a year players could sort their stuff out, as long as the quantities are low enough that newer players could participate as well and the multipliers would allow seasoned players more than a token exchange. Too much, too fast and that would create a whole new kettle of issues.



Healing Potions

Any easy fix is increase the forge hammer to 10 not 1…in a day you can forge 50-60 hammers…350 in a week…although the infinite idea is awesome too…its not like hammers are used for anything else in the game…

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While I love this idea, it still means I’m tied down crafting hammers instead of timers like everyone else.

I guess the question for PG is do they think the current balance is out of sync and if so is it on their list of items to attempt to fix. I suspect that they added hammers to draconics in a minor attempt to address this.

The reality from when I am is that hammers are essential for defending unless the attacker is hitting up drastically.

So given they have repeatedly wanted to encourage more atlas engagement how do they explain this and the lack of defensive tool acquisition.

Personally I think it’s also having a negative impact on pvp as people won’t defend in pvp as it’s not worth their resources. Which tends to lean to an even bigger benefit to spenders in pvp as they’re undefended 99% of the time.

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