A chance to claim old avaters for sigils next season?

I was wondering if it would be a good idea if maybe along with dragon lines/dragon rider lines next season, they also include a line to maybe have access to spending sigils on old avaters? I would love for a chance to have a few of the old avaters such as shadow knight, loyal bodyguard, and a few others. any thoughts?


what i would atleast like is if maybe PG designed new avaters like OLD designs. these new animated and weird colors and backgrounds r very disgusting. something classy and original inspired ones would be great…


No :slight_smile:

Old things should stay where they are. :slight_smile:
I don’t want to sound rude but it’s a challenge to get those avatar, so give your best this season and on the future :wink:


well thats one take on it, but some of the old things are awesome and the newer members should be given an opportunity to maybe get them? and after all, im asking so for the cost of sigils and not in team events where it would waste time from those who already have them…

edit: lol no your not being rude, but im saying let them be offered as something that can be individually strived for.

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If you search for all threads about old divines you will see what most of the players think. It’s basically the same idea

No! I earned those with hard work and being here a long time ago. Would rather not see level 30s with the ability to buy them easily.

Edit: Here you go -

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This is a pride/trophy thing. Not entirely about avatars.

Desire for differentiation stops it. If you find a very good alternative to take care of the pride and differentiation, it might go through

I don’t mind either way lol


I mean, I do want the corrupt sorcerer -inner struggle- but nah.

Keep your hands off my shadow knight. I earned that as a lv 40 destroying that almighty lv 90 base back then in an event that you don’t even know that it existed (black bloods)


I think that as cool as the old avatars are, they should stay unobtainable. There’ll always be new avatars to get.

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thanks all for the input and your views… i guess it won’t be happening anytime soon.

Lol see, it’s not about avatars. Delicate issue

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hehe, yes i realize that after some input and checking that older thread

Don’t worry, a few years from now you can say the same to someone else.


Would be cooler if they came out with some designed more like the old ones, and had to reach a stat or event required achievement again tho.


I agree with that.

Bring back Assault :pray:


And don’t make it ruby dependent :pray:.


What if they recolored old avatars? You would still be different and it would be cost effective for PG.

Problem falls to PG. This will be an issue forever until they stop displaying content to players unable to obtain it. Divine dragons are displayed in a checklist format, avatars are displayed in a checklist format. Why are they torturing their playerbase like this? Only display what has been or can be obtained and problem is solved. Current format implies this content can be unlocked so folks naturally inquire after it. If we cannot get it, we should not see it. If I come across somebody sporting a Shadow Knight and it is not on my list my assumption then would be “oh neat, an old avatar” instead of posting here asking how to unlock it. Common sense.