A choice of sex for seasonal dragons avatars


I have an idea that will coincide with gameplay. As it is we use avatars to identify or sex within the game. When we choose a seasonal divine for its power, we are stuck with the choice of sex for avatar. For instance, I’m a heterosexual male but I chose chimerak for my divine and the avatar is a female. I’d like to have a male chimerak, but I don’t have that choice. My idea is to give us that choice. In looking at a few of the videos I see that with groggy you can change his name, there’s no limit to things that can be implemented within the game. Thank you


I use a male avatar, just because it’s green and has no background… :tada:

Anyway, avatars have come up various times, but this is the first one from search:


See @Odie ? I’m not the only search nazi! It’s in the “cod” of conduct!


Not what I thought thread was about when I clicked.




@Gox1201 :joy:

This kind of misinterpretation wouldn’t be as awkward or kindly amusing if people were used to the term “gender” instead of “sex”…

@lilbroMike Last Winter season had a male and female portrait on different Dragon lines, those avatars looked quite similar.
It would involve twice as much work to create two avatars instead of one per line… And I would prefer a new Rider/Dragon design to a choice between twin portrait one male and one female. My personal opinion.

  1. well, there are at least 63 genders, so a ton of work here.

  2. force everyone to use POG and just fix some bugs


I’m sorry me using sex other than gender ruffles your feathers and I’m sure after this message I’ll probably still say sex, because I’m 49 years old and I’m to old to change my diction for people I don’t know and a cause that I don’t care about. I’m happy you love the game as much as myself, the point still remains can we have a choice of what sex our avatar is


I wonder if they can make all the avatars available on all the lines then you can pick which one you want the first time and then the others are locked out for that line. That way they are not creating more avatars than they are now but we have the choice of both the avatar we like and the dragon we want. That way no matter what gender you are you can get the avatar that matches your sex.


Buddy, Kardul was having a laugh at somebody else’s joke and offering a reasonable explanation of how it would be fixed. In no way was it said that they were offended or had their feathers ruffled by it. So probably no need to jump down their throat for it :wink:

I’ve known Kar for a long time now and definitely not their intention


I apologize, I thought the pot shot was on me, Kardul please accept my apologies strong text


It’s nothing, I didn’t get at all offended nor my feathers ruffled, as Mechengg mentioned. English is my second language and sometimes I take things too literally, but there’s no way I would make fun of someone’s vocabulary, mine can’t be perfect either :wink:


I thought this was an entirely different subject. :frowning: Disappointed.


It would indeed be nice if we have the choice male/ female avatar in a season branch.
I must say that PG improved the amount of female avatars in the past year and that I don’t want old avatars to be opened to new players. It is a tiny shining medal for the long time players to have a rare portrait.


@Kardul your vocabulary is better than most native speakers :laughing:


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