A “Claim all” button, please!

I just went back and forth between “claim” and the little “x” 33 times. I counted! With the introduction of sigil gifting (a GREAT idea, by the way), my team is overcome with generosity. With a “Claim All” button, You may be sparing me a severe case of carpal tunnel!


Let’s distract PG from fixing the game so you don’t have to tap the screen 33 times which can be done in 33 seconds or less.


Can we also get the option to carry on breeding for 400 tokens even if we have a new egg? It’s annoying having to click off of the breeding button to then go back on it.

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What if I want that egg? It’s annoying to have to stop the breeding manually after I get what it want…


No like I’ll give an example. I was breeding Bander, yersi and pandi this morning and I got Pandi breed Andy put him in the incubator and carried on breeding but every time I got another pandi egg, even though it was incubating, it made me stop breeding as if I had never claimed the egg yet.

you think that is annoying… the first two years auto breed didn’t exist!


Did it not!? I started in 2016. God bless!

RBU (10char)

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Not Rare for 5 of the accounts ive played on. Every dragon on every account.

RBU (10char)

or simply don’t incubate, just X out and continue breeding

yes plz this shit is annoying, specially when i don’t log in for a few days there is always a stupid amount of this gifts that aren’t even worth the time to claim.

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I’ve tried that more than once

and it still stops you? hum

Ten characters

This IS fixing the game! You may have noticed, different people have different styles of play and different goals for the game. Let’s let everyone tell PG what they need and have them and the community decide.

This is an issue I use to run into a lot, but it mostly happens in lower levels where u don’t need to hatch half of the dragons you get and even tho the egg has a check mark already it will still stop the breeding. I agree this is a very annoying problem that’s very easy to fix, probably the only reason it hasn’t, is cuz is not really much of an issue after gold

Nothing needs fixing in my game except the bonus meter needs to be readded. I say go for the QOL improvements.

You could tell your teammates to stop gifting you sigils if it’s too annoying to claim lol

This. Please.