A Concern Regarding Primarchs

There is one minor concern I have about primarchs.

  • Why isn’t there an option to transfer troops from a primarch to the barracks?

Some players are often overloaded, whether inadvertently through finishing training/reviving troops, or left over from some sort of Atlas guard swap/castle snipe. There is a way to transfer troops to the primarch from the barracks, but currently no way to transfer from a primarch to the barracks? Why is that?


It would be nice to have. As is the only option is to use your fighter to transfer most of them back


If I remember right it used to be something that you could do, but it no longer is for whatever reason. Whilst it would be nice to have the ability to do so, I do not think it’s high up in the list of priority fixes and/or changes.


You are correct; it was a feature that was removed. If I recall correctly the change was a measure to help prevent people from transferring troop to safe zone or their castle when under attack to avoid losing troops.

It would be very good if that feature was reinstated.


I kinda remember this, or there was moving between 2 primarchs for the same effect too. Either way that definitely isn’t something which will serve purpose towards the game

Agreed, however should definitely have measures in place to ensure its not being done in order to quickly flick away an incoming attack through a manner not intended. Pg should have the capability to put these sort of measures in place but well we all know how the line goes…


I’d settle for trained troops going directly to the Barracks instead of being linked to whatever castles is set as home and whatever primarch is posted there.


Yes, I thought that aspect of the reinstatement did not need to be stated :rofl:

So PG can’t misconstrue; please reinstate the troop transfer to barracks and ensure it can’t be abused. Treating symptoms instead of root causes is not always a good approach and this is a QoL improvement that will make a large beneficial impact on the player base.


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