A concerning visual bug

Is it just me, or has anybody else’s base been infected by the plague?


That looks both horrifying and really cool. Is it still there when you’re attacking someone? :t_rex:


Nope. And it only sometimes shows up on my base. Very odd.

That’s really weird. Never seen anything like that before. Send in a support ticket? :t_rex:

If you think I’m going to get rid of this cool, edgy bug, you are insane. This is one of the few bugs that I kinda like. It makes my base unique lol.


Lol fair enough. As long as it’s not impacting your gameplay, keep it. it’s cool as hell :grin: :t_rex:

it happens to me when my internet lags…doesnt happen that often

I found the maleficic Kirin!

When I attack in atlas I get the same kind of thing.

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