A cool / fun hunter

Everyone is making these warriors I wanna make a fun op hunter…

I would love to see a dragon based spells like these as they seem fun not wanting this exact dragon in the game but something with a complex same will be very cool

I haven’t got a name feel free to give it one…
Dark mythic hunter


Color: Blue
Description: Blinds towers to dodge all non-beam attacks. Dragon moves slower.
Cost: 1 rage
Max times usable: 100
Duration: 4.25s
Fly speed: 50%
Cooldown: 3s

No Thx

Color: White
Description: Reflects all incoming non beam attacks and has stronger breath damage for short duration.

Cost: 2 rage
Max times usable: 100
Duration: 2.25s
Attack boost: +275% on modified attack


Color: White
Description: Target tower is forced to attack other towers for a short duration. Tower is heavily damaged when duration ends.
Cost: 10% dragons modified HP / 0 rage
Max times usable: 100
Duration: 7s
Cooldown: 4s
Size: 3.0 (targeted area)
Damage: 150% of modified HP
Hits disabled towers: yes

Life or Death

Color: White
Description: Alternates between Life Line and Dreaded

Life Line

Color: White
Description: Consumes all Hunter Ammo then heals based on Hunter ammo spent and briefly goes invincible.
Cost: 0 rage
Max times usable: 100
Duration: 4s
Healing: 10% of modified HP
Healing from converting full ammo: 60% of modified HP
Hunter ammo reload speed increased: 400%


Color: White
Description: Heavily damages towers in the target area and gains 3 rage
Cost: 20% dragons modified HP
Max times usable: 100
Size: 3.3 (targeted area)
Hits disabled towers: yes
Damage: 10 000% of modified attack (single-shot damage)


I would use all my rss on this.

Cough I would spend so much $ for this


This looks like a hunter I am looking for. I’m a sucker for a good hunter. I would love for the PocketGems Community to bring this dragon out :heart:

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WOW yes PLS :scream::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray:

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This is just narlyth with extra step lol


O no not another OP hunter


Narlith 2 :heart_eyes:

Now I want to steal this and put it on the warrior so that it does this instead of increased breath damage. It would be so cool. Nice dragon. Don’t get to see many with madness!

Do you mind. Though it won’t be exactly the same. I would have it hit all towers but it would only last 1 sec and there wouldn’t be an explosion afterwards. :thinking:

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To be honest it’s a totally different dragon that has taken 1 of narlith spells :man_shrugging:

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Go ahead use it :call_me_hand::muscle:

Madness sounds scarily like “Whispers of madness” on Narlyth which they couldn’t fix. Sounds awesome though.

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I was going to use some other spell but than I thought let’s make it fun so added narlith to it. It’d definitely not the first time they have brought back changed spells :woozy_face:.

( to be honest I’ll be extremely surprised if they did make this I was just messing around with what I would call fun but not way op )
But personally I would love a dragon a bit like this :smirk:

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Ya he does look fun.

I changed up brodude a bit, though we are still working out the numbers. He now feels more like a hunter than a warrior.

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Do we need another op hunter :thinking:
Try to describe a viable sorcerer or warrior ……
And have it not end up as surt or a one button push warrior! :crazy_face::+1:

Kin OP

Yes :smirk:


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Why not ?

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Because it’s slowly ruining our game :+1:

:smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp: Yes my plan is working :smirk::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: