A cool new idea

Would it be cool if u have since u have so many commons when u play the game for a long time that u can merge them into better versions of them selves

runes or gear?

Both but mostly runes

What do you mean exactly? Dragons? They did an empowered version of dragons once, in a season. Drakius, Kinnarus, Borgian, Zamrok and Merkt. It’s probably a one-off unless they do it in the future with other Dragons.
There isn’t a way to merge Dragons as this game is one of a kind, you don’t have a system of stars or dots popular in other collection “card” games. You have one Dragon of each type only and doubles already have a function either to progress or get bonuses.

If you mean runes or gears I’d love to see a merge option especially now that we will be able to merge towers. It’s been on my mind for a while too.

Gears could be fused like 2 leg for an elite, 4 epic for a leg, 8 rare gor an epic and 16 normal for a rare, just an example to reduce cluster… It’s so not worth it to salvage…

I’d love to see something similar for Runes, with the added option that with chisels (maybe, don’t roast me I’m just going with the new currency) you can upgrade a Mythic to Exotic without losing investment in rune dust (new level adjusted accordingly) and for any tier you can spend a small fee (chisels?) with or without merge option to get a random new secondary to replace the current secondary spell on the rune.
I’d suggest that fee is lower when you merge, or rather nonexistent, and that there will be a choice to keep the old secondary or the new one. With confirmation window. That’d be a nice perk! Especially if you can get exclusive secondary spells.

Wish you could also melt and reforge runes into glyphs but that’s probably a little too far-fetched…

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Yeah like it just it keeps getting better but it’s just an idea

Heya! Did I miss an announcement or something? I haven’t heard about this.

It’s called Tower transformation (insert Transformers sound effects here) and it should be available… When it’s released :sweat_smile:


I believe they were projecting the release to be before the end of 2019… so some time in the next 2 months


Don’t look at me, I’m just a mod :sweat_smile: I don’t know anything more than you :upside_down_face:

We can’t look at you. You are geographically situated in another coordinate which makes it impossible to look at you.

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