A Defense Nice-to-have

We have been warring a lot in the past week, which have brought me back to a small idea that i had a long time ago. With phones, we have vibration units built in and we can set defense or offense invites to vibrating mode so that screen staring isnt 100% mandatory during an all nighter defense.

However, we dont have a vibrating unit on ipad. It will be very nice to have the options to activate/disable sound alert for incoming attacks, would be even better if there was a distinguishable difference between wars and non wars notification sound.

While some may love the idea of trapping the war opponent by the screen without any assist for the defenders for those who play on ipad, iPhones already have similar function, and i think it would benefit many. Please consider @DragonPunch


With devices, you win, you lose. If you’re so worried about being available for defenses, keep the iPad running and have an eye on it. That’s also what alternate accounts are for. You can do attacks and defend at the same time (relatively). PG can’t change the fact that iPads don’t vibrate. And I don’t know how useful a sound notification would actually be- defending “all night” with other people in the house while the devices are pinging every 2 seconds seems like it’d be less than ideal eventually.

My team has had a similar discussion about how iPad players are at a disadvantage because they will miss an invite if they look away from the screen while iPhone players would still be notified by the vibrate feature.

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I know something like this would come up. Let PG decide whether this is helpful. And i specifically mentioned since iPhone has a form of doing it, ipad could potentially have a form of doing it too. It would be nice, a more human friendly approach. Also for your second point, it can be switched on and off. You’re not obligated to have it on. Just like other settings in game. Is it still a problem if you can switch it off?

I’m well aware of what and how defense is. Not trying to get a lesson on what and how defense is. Thanks but thats not what i was trying to achieve with the thread.

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