A different approach…

So PG decided that pirating was a problem… solution was penalize all teams (10% infrastructure ) which disproportionately affects smaller and growing teams and to reduce bonuses of teams who do not hold guards. Perhaps if there were not ample real estate or unbalanced game play this would help. Instead what I think you are seeing are unleveled infrastructure castles that still have no guards and stay bubbled most of the time. I think this was predictable however instead of throwing shade I have a suggestion (without a bunch of new coding!)

How about you make the following changes to all access castles to make them more valuable instead of less valuable.
#1 All access castles would get up to 2.5x bonuses based on guards on their castles. With 90% or greater guards on your castle giving you the full bonus.
#2 There would be a 30s (flight time) onto each access castle (similar to a delay) during this delay the Primarch lands at the castle but can not attack or be attacked for 30 seconds.
#3 Glory calculation should be changed so that high APR teams receive no glory, maximum troop loss and destroy less guards and troops to prevent bubbling gates of growing teams or bully teams from hitting down.
#4 Do not allow teams of APR under 75 to attack or hold a T2.
#5 Remove the infrastructure penalty

Why not try the carrot :carrot: instead of the stick

Appreciate the thread :slight_smile:

  1. Would be a good incentive to hold access if their bonuses is increased agreed
  2. No as those 30 sec of no action would make you a sitting duck, even regular delays you can hit based on the situation. if this is trying to balance the risk of holding an access, I would say increasing bonus is an ample enough reward.
  3. I think you gotta expand a bit on this. Whats the cut off that a higher apr team can’t hit without all that happening?
    Also, would say little to no glory with a penalty to revival rates is enough… full troop loss is mehh given that some teams with atlas access sandbag. Would also say any member in them thats 100% glory shouldnt penalize the hitters.
  4. No. Limitations on castle tiers based on apr isn’t a good solution. Not really sure whats the problem with a high apr team holding a t2.
  5. Would say reduce it rather than remove it.

The only reason you are seeing these castles being bubbled is because some teams are being slow to adapt to the latest atlas changes. As of now there are 300+ T4s without infrastructure, their only value is for teams wanting to use them during PvP for 100% glory swaps.

How about:

  • For conquers reduce the infrastructure penalty to 5%
  • For surrenders increase the infrastructure penalty to 20%

Problem is that this encourages the use of meat shields.

Without mega alliances this would make sense. But since they arent going anywhere this just penalises teams being persecuted by a single alliance.


Just a reminder : Atlas has had a 10% penalty loss on infra since I can remember playing in atlas , they removed it and brought it back again . So all teams started on these grounds .

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I got stuck on the 30 second delay for access castles and can’t comprehend the rest of the suggested changes. Feels like I’m buffering while trying to digest that :face_exhaling:

It would just make access equivalent to a 1bd no need to stroke out people

Also a reminder they removed it because it was excessively harsh and detrimental to game play as posted in many places

Well under the circumstances they removed it there were no exploiting of "piracy "

That’s exactly why making the castles more valuable would help reduce pirates instead of punishing everyone to change game play. It’s like parenting, sometimes rewarding a behavior is better than penalizing one. Just sayin’

The delay would help because it gives teams time to defend which is one of the burnouts of Atlas. Another solution could be 1/2 cool down times on access? Just thinking of ways to reduce burden?

Reward high APR.

In the main game you get (slightly) better daily egg tokens and event prizes in higher leagues, but there’s nothing like that in Atlas. I don’t know if the daily bonuses for infra could be split to APR based part and infra based part or would it break the game?

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If you guys can’t adapt in a game you will have a even harder survival rate in the wilderness, I’d even oust myself never learned to survive in the wilderness probably would have a harder time but I do have good amount of adaptability, a bit off-topic but life doesn’t appeal to one person just saying and I do agree it’s pretty much extremely penalizing to smaller teams but multiple teams like being big bullies to others you all might claim it’s going to impact smaller teams but your just as guilty because you”d probably pick on them instead.

Once again anything posted is a “starting point” for a conversation. The adaptation was pirating. I’m making suggestions that would make access desirable and tolerable so that it would make these undesired castle contested and therefore less likely to be owned by pirates or shell teams or by constantly bubbled teams. I am just putting forth suggestions that we reward instead of penalize behavior that may make the game a little more fun or tolerable

Wording you suggestion of 30 seconds where nobody can hit would be:

Change delays to no allow inward or outward hits for their duration.

Although an interesting idea, don’t think it would be viable due havign to time that outward hit perfectly.

Think it would be better to make all castles incur delays, but NML/SZ can be flown to directly whereas team owned castles can’t.

An interesting side effect of this change is it would reduce the bounce around in NML
To try avoid detection (as each bounce would have a 30second blockade).

Guys and gals I think we are over complicating this. The core issue is over abundance of castles. So 1. Get rid of the old map entirely. 2. Create 3-4 islands where only That league /apr range of that team can play. For ex. Toer 1. Only t6 castles for the biggest teams. Tier 2 t4-5. Toer 3 only 3-4 castles and the smallest toer island for the p3-4 and smaller teams only t2’s. Before we get into the apr league debate let’s se if we like this concept.


Some teams fought very very hard to get the castles they have now! Do you think taking those away is going to sit well with them? Also what about timers/gold people sank into their castles they fought for? This is a tough situation and completely wiping the slate clean isn’t something I think is fair and or reasonable.

Agree with you 100% too many castles and NewLands should have been exactly how you described with tiers and people could slowly migrate to that map. That was the missed opportunity

That sounds similar to the New Lands and what they should have done to begin with but I do know that most people don’t like to start over especially level wise due to another game I shouldn’t mention here. Though it does sound interesting but they reallly should make it look like the current land but make it look like Pangaea I know of another game that used Earth in the Future where it didn’t ever break apart but shift in position but in the real world it realistically fell apart a long time ago literally before the dinosaurs went extinct I believe.

Castles are meant to turnover so there is regular fighting. And the infra is not lost when a map resets or at least I don’t think so. This is the problem.with the exception of a few ta’s inthe game very few teams actually conquer. They wait to buy or kiss up to a ta looking for a handout. But to the point of big teams owning all the castles this concept helps to match similar sized teams


Pirates never had castles.

The mechanics of the game reduced activity.

Nobody wanted access still

Gold prims introduced and needed castles

Most pirate teams took a castle nobody wanted for prims. Might as well get a few more no team wants them anyway as they are a burden.

Thought let’s not be stupid and protect crap nobody wants we can just take it back and get some gold as well should a low level player on a team conquer by accident.

This really has nothing to do with pirates we never had the boosts before it’s only for ….we all know the beast has been hung the blood is slowing to a trickle but we must get it all soon we will just eat it. It’s the last thing the beast can do for us.

Credit where it’s due…bought a great game made it into a cash cow it’s now been moved to the dairy and the are milking it till death…what’s not to admire…lol

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