A discussion about "bubble mechanics"

I wonder if there is any interest in changing “bubble” mechanics. This feature would be for smaller teams / more casual teams or teams that don’t want to babysit castles 24/7.

We all know the drill - based on losing x troops a castle bubbles because it takes huge damage.

But often the castle doesnt take any damage all. Zero Castle guards are dead. Castle is actually in perfect 10/10 health!!

All that happened was that some prims died and the thing bubbles. No big deal except now you need to babysit a cooldown for Y hours which is kinda ironic because nothing even happened to the castle. Not even one brick has a crack on it.

I reckon it would be better if teams could set “bubble conditions”

Lets assume a level 1 fort with a 60,000 bubble threshold.

I reckon it would be cool if you could customize what "bubble conditions / heavy damage " actually means for your team for each individual castle. ( all castles will start with the default current day settings )

With two individual settings

  1. Troop number (slider) and
  2. Composition.

The slider would start at threshold [ 50k + ( 10k x fort level ) ] and can be increased to 300% of threshold.

I.e 60,000 - 180,000. ( for L1 fort )

And then you can pick the composition of losses thats considered for the bubble to trigger.

[ cg and or prims ] (i.e. current method)

[ cg only ] (new method / alternative to current)

So you could set the castle to only bubble if castle guards die. Primarch troops in this case don’t form part of the calculation.

Or maybe you do care about both CG and Prims but to you heavy damage is actually heavy damage so you move the slider up to 300%. Because casually managing 300% is less of a pain than managing a CD. Or maybe something in between is better.

Obviously this feature is of no use to big teams since they have bots and officers that will disable the shield as soon as a prim lands nearby.

Anyway thats it. Thats the idea. Probably bigger fish to fry no doubt.

Waiting for the 20x Hell No comments :smiley:

The 5x this idea sucks comments

And the one person who hasnt posted for 12 months ( btw hi random forum stalker dude) and is severely triggered by my post and starts a rant about how it will have a negative impact on the Chunk sub meta.


Eh… I want castle guards to be removed completely…


That would lead to a more aggressive game style - no CG wouldn’t be a bad thing.

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