A discussion on player retention

While these types of stats have plenty of imperfections it does seem like a concern to me if we extrapolate out another 2-3 years.

And it is important to note that droid players make up a fairly small percentage of the total WD community so these numbers might not be indicative of the apple trend.
Disclaimer - my opinion - Morreion notes below that this seems unlikely given androids gaming market share

Disclaimer - Samsung Galaxy Phone Players Only

To me this feels like a good opportunity to start working on a big ticket expansion or feature to get some retired players back into the game? Many leading MMORGs had some really good success with this strategy and I think it works pretty well here.

The drop off is actually not too bad compared to other long term games but I would like to see some focus on new content and active recruiting campaigns to target retired and new players alike.

I would also like PG to tease us with some new and exciting enhancements to put the brakes on the current player retention trend.

Players need hope. They need to be excited about the future and I know most of my friends are bored and talking about retiring in a season or two.

Perhaps of note to me personally is that 6 months ago I was outside of the top 1,000 players in events.

Last season I was hitting inside the top 500-1,000 and this season I am placing inside the top 500.

I haven’t done anything differently so I feel the burnout is impacting our top players. (Likely makes sense with some big teams retiring these past few seasons)


Where do you get that statistic from? Android has about a 75% market share, I don’t really expect the wd player base to be all that different.

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Agree generally droid have a bigger share of the market for games in general.

I’m not sure why its so different here. I will speculate and say it’s because it was made for Apple first and then built for Android second.

Perhaps also this game works better on tablets over phones and I think apples market share on tablet games is higher.

Could be wrong just speculation.

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But why do you think it’s different here? I’ve seen nothing to suggest that.


I know quite a few players, myself included, that used to play on an android phone, but swapped to an ipad to play. Still have android phone though.


Mr PirateFish I see you smashing the leaderboards with top 10-20 finishes.

Do you reckon it’s getting easier to place or about the same at your level?

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Atlas is horrible for Android users
Loading troops takes forever


That’s a rubbish number based on some player guesses rooted in faulty assumptions about ranking accuracy past 1k.

Atlas alone has about 1600 teams, you really believe those teams have less than 20 players each?


Yep but most players have an alt. I was running 4 accounts until recently and now only run 2 accounts.

But if we agree that there are say 50,000 accounts or more and we know for 100% fact that Android players are 4,821 in total (as at today) then we can say that Android players are definately the minority of the total population wouldn’t you say?

Anyway the topic is about the diminishing playerbase and what we can do to reverse the trend.

:joy: You really need to get a better source for your facts. How on earth do you get the idea that there are that few Android players. This whole speculation thread is really based on nothing.

Your graph seems to be from some niche game launcher gimmick that is likely used by 1% of Android users having a specific brand of phone and who don’t know how to turn it off.

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The info graphic is from the Google Play Store.

Im happy to use a different source if there is a better one.

Which source are you using?

Here are the stats for another game I play

Anyway even if we disagree on number of players in game the trend is still of interest would you not agree?

If a few seasons ago I was spending money and not making the top 1,000 what are your thoughts on why I am not easily getting inside the top 500 with less spend?

We have seen big teams depart.

The decline is not as high as other games and probably makes sense even at a ballpark level.

Anyway if you can share your data I’ll revise mine if there are material differences.

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I found out that the numbers relate only to Samsung Galaxy Phones S5-S20

I fixed my opening statement to reflect this information.

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That seems more likely, and then only the ones with game center enabled and given permission to report. You won’t find my s10 in those stats for example.

Numbers declining might still mean something but as absolute numbers they don’t mean much more than the 10m+ downloads in the play store.


i have my same account on an android phone and on an ipad.
what am i now?
an adroid player or ios?

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You will likely be tracked under both I reckon.

On my S20 this game doesn’t even run without game center on :frowning:

Seems like devices a couple of years old work a million times better!

Why is everyone focused on the data source? Get to the point. Is the game losing players or not? If so, why? And can it be stemmed?

There’s about a 50% chance I will quit the game at the end of this season and a 90% chance I will at the end of next season. This is something I’ve been thinking about and would like to see a discussion without the endless navel-gazing.


Since there’s no plausible data source, we can’t know as players. Making the rest of your questions kind of irrelevant, nobody sensible would discuss why something is happening if they don’t even know if it is happening.


I don’t think we have any hard facts either way.

We have the vocal calling out of stagnation and frustration which is becoming more prevalent these days.

We have had some big teams quit.

And people are scoring higher in events and getting higher rankings without more work.

These imply some sort of burnout. But we don’t have anything hard that proves it.

Personally I am of the opinion that retention is becoming a problem. This is based on my own frustrations with the game that have been growing for a while, and it matching the rising sentiment (though perhaps not the solutions). I can’t point to anything more than that.

I think that the fun is being taken out of the game in numerous ways. We have done everything. We have done the events 100 times. Mythics aren’t as exciting now. Legendaries are forgettable most of the time. Atlas is tedious. Most of the game revolves around chores, and high skill fights and pushing yourself is heavily discouraged by game mechanics. An entire style of flight has been rendered obsolete (set up drakes) in most gameplay. And outside of daily chores and dealing with snipers, there is rarely anything to do.

But this is my personal view.


Anecdotal to be sure, but I can tell you P4 was once a thriving, active league. Now there are many teams that don’t carry anywhere near 50 players, and the bottom half of the PvPs I’ve observed are basically zombie teams.