A event that helps players obtain glory

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A idea a event idea to help players obtain glory as hard as it is to obtain glory finding players with troops as alot players have 1 troop, have it where Players glory swap (which is stupid but the only way to get glory imo) I can suggest having a area where players can fight bases like that one event using a certain tier of dragon can bet up to a X amount of troops to obtain glory and only glory. It’s only a suggestion what are your thoughts on this?

Not sure PG is interested in developing any new event.

While I like the idea, a full blown PVP event in Atlas, will cause lags and glitches that what we are “normally” experiencing it right now. That “area” will be like “Alegane-ish”.

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It’s really not a pvp it be more like the invader bases just more challenging like the event with fighting a certain tier of dragon

Or change back for defenders to get the favorable recovery rates when in NML and actually get decent glory and then NML will once again have loaded up primes to attack. Glory for everyone

hit castles
team doesn’t allow it?
join a team that does


This …


Yeah if your lvl 450+ go ahead other wise your guild will slaughtered by other guilds trust me I seen it happen

I liked this suggestion for glory matchups:

(more specifically, Mech’s more detailed proposal in thread)

An alternative that I’ve seen be successfully implemented in other games is not just scaling down the glory (or other desirable outcome) but actually costing the attacking player the desirable…thing. PG could actually make it so if you hit a player worth 70% or 50% (or pick a number) glory your troops are dead. No revive possible.

I do not suggest this because I want to make WD like other games I play. I suggest this because it seems like there’s already some programming/coding in place to make this an easy solution. I like Mech’s solution better…but it seems harder to code.

Me I won’t want a pvp but like invader base + the current tier (ex) red tier blue tier so on and so forth but the bases are all tough through every tier trying to obtain glory that amount will depend on number of dragon used

I’ve never done even a single glory swap and I’ve never had a problem getting enough glory to achieve my goals

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I like the idea. May be some beasts that give you glory instead of gold, that will be awesome :ok_hand:

There was an event for getting gp once. But it was removed. King Pin or similar. Basically you killed with 0% revives but got gp.

I would take that trade off glory is how you advance troops can be replaced

It’s an interesting idea and it might help the players who don’t like attacking castles (been there a long time ago and can respect that but yes depends a lot on the team and its interactions with other atlas teams)… Having said that, I think the main objection you might face for such an event is the game is geared towards attacking castles for a better castle turnover rate so it doesn’t create atlas stagnation…

Would be a nice option to have though (without the 0% revive… that’s gonna hurt lol)

It wasn’t sarcasm. I’ve never done a glory swap. I get my glory the old fashioned way…by participating in the battle portion of this war game. I attack players at their castles…other players attack me at their castles…I attack other players at my castles and other players attack me at my castles…I’m not among the most active players in atlas but I usually end up with about 2m glory…all with never having ever done a glory swap.

They had the kingpin event but they discontinued it. I’d love to see a 100% revive rate event that takes place during pvp. U can’t hit guards, but primarchs are all 100% revive.

Rather it being a pvp event players are fighting extremely tough bases with certain tier dragons, the higher the tier the higher the glory depending on the amount of troops that player is subject to lose if they don’t beat that base 70-100%