A Feeding Event Question

I’m wondering… When is the next feeding event? Can someone give me the exact dates?
Sorry if I’m reposting. I’m not sure the schedules I found were correct. So :woman_shrugging:

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It’s probably next after the current event is over.

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I think it’s next

No one but PG can answer this question properly.

However, most think it is once a Season, however, if you look at the calendar feeding falls 10 weeks apart with one exception when it was 9 weeks which occurred this past Christmas since PG held off on the premier PvP events then.

That would put it this coming week and King has suggested. Last one was March 7. PG may choose to push it back a week so it does not fall right next to breeding, but we will see.

Sorry about being more wordy than others, so many people have given me wrong information I thought I would share the reasoning behind my answer.


The answer always was and always will be: too soon.


As said before… no way to really tell until it’s announced by PG.
Hope it’s not the next event. Feeding my damn perch every 20 minutes is going to get old really fast. I leveled up my Death Gaze dragons to get more points (way back before I knew it’s better to not do that). I despise feeding events. :t_rex:


I thought next week too but in PG stream announcing changes to season events like KOTH they also said Feeding would be once per season and we’ve already had it this season.


I think Feeding replaces a PvP event during a national US holiday. I believe @TheRedDelilah also confirmed this once…not 100%

That’s why sometimes it’s once a season but then sometimes it happens twice in a season

Why does the worst event have to take place on a holiday? :rofl: :t_rex:

Ah yes, March 7-11, the peculiar US holiday Daylight Saving Time’s Eve.

I think it’s gotten too commercial. The decorations going up before President’s Day are really antithetical to the saving spirit of the season.

e: Clearly it’s not always on a holiday. Maybe something low maintenance they stick in when they expect low staff levels (holiday) or other engrossing concerns such as the release of a new season, or, yes, even DST if someone made really bad decisions at some point.


Because PG wants to instill despair to our holiday?
Or makes us busy during our holiday?
Or since our wallet is thicker than during normal days…


Whilst in general I agree with your sentiment, I have so many food packs I’ll kill it next week when the event returns…

I’ll do you one better: why is the next feeding event?


But who is the next feeding event?


Congratulations on giving a proper answer instead of whining about the existence of feeding event :+1:


There is no proper answer for any question regarding WD events calendar.
His answer was just boring…

The next feeding event isn’t scheduled until June

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Why would they push it back so it does not fall right next to breeding?
It’s always hits right next to breeding.

Hopefully June 2027 :grin:


Feeding should be a season-long event. You get points every time you feed your dragons, and you get a prize the last week of the season.

This way you don’t starve or overload your dragons. PG, think about the well being of the dragons!!!

Next up, the training event…