A Feeding Event Question


I freaking love this idea !!! :point_up:


And food will be a myth in WD…


Not necessarily. If everyone fed their dragons when they were ready to be trained, everyone would be getting them leveled at different rates, so food would be there. Granted, it wouldn’t be as plentiful as it is when a lot of people decide to starve their poor war dragons instead of giving them the juicy meat they need to grow big and strong :laughing:


It’s hard to say for sure.

It’s usually once a season.

It’s usually in place of a pvp.

These two thing do not line up this time… So, I don’t think anyone who could say for sure is at liberty to speak.


Slightly off topic :sweat_smile:
Is there any deprecated event other than KotH and CtF?


Conquer the World?


Oops, forget about that one… Anything else?


I think they showed a chart of 5 PVP events: King of the Hill, Capture the Flag, Conquor the World, Team Gauntlet, and Fight Pits. Gauntlet and Fight Pits were the only two on that list that are staying, but I could be remembering the 5 events wrong (not 100% certain on if it was Fight Pits or a different event for the 5th on the list).


Work your magic dear. Lets have feeding event next hahahahah.



When did PG announce feeding would occur only once per season?

I ask because every single player I have seen state something about feeding has been wrong except when the one player who mentioned the 10 week cycle I stated above.

Please link. Thanks


Watch the KOTH announcement videoon twitch. :upside_down_face:


Next event has just been announced as Kingdom Wars. I’m surprised, actually…that was the last PVP event before Fight Pits.


I am not 100% sure but food packs will not score you any points during Kingdom Wars.


We’re talking about feeding. See thread title…

But yes I see feeding isn’t next week. Oh well :man_shrugging:


I think this is it



Where? Not going to watch an hour long video on a guess.


It’s not feed feeding that’s next, it’s Kingdom Wars. ShadowsofBirds confirmed it on her Instagram


Well I’m not watching it again either. It was announced. The end.


I wasn’t wrong. :wink:


I guess it will not be settled today since all that has been provided is a guess it is in this link.

Thx anyhow.