A Feeding Event Question


26:48 of the video

Now deal with it



Thanks for making that clear. I guess this means another change to how feeding occurs but change is what PG is all about.


Major and minor events rotate weekly. The major events are PvP; and the minor events are breeding, fortification, and feeding. In the past, the Feeding has replaced major events in rotation. Since Kingdom Wars has been announced as the upcoming major event, the following minor event would most likely be fortification 5/23. Leaving the next two available dates for a major event, such as feeding, to start 5/30 or 6/13. Most all seasons, feeding is the first or second event of the new season. However, with fewer PvP events in rotation and the seemingly longer season (beyond 10 wk for feeding) there is a higher probabilty the feeding event will begin 5/30. BUT, after taking into account that would put it as the last event of the season. It’s not going to happen this season. Bank xp and prepare for 6/13.

Edit: changed feeding to minor.


Pretty sure that shows feeding as a minor event


He did however say feeding would be ONCE per season.


Feeding is a minor event, but it usually happens (historically) during the week of a major event.


I seems as though their announcement was to show they are solidifying a plan. It is clear they are changing how they are handling feeding as to when it will occur. How they handled it before is not the past.


Is not the future?

The past is already written :stuck_out_tongue:


misspell, not is to be now. How they handled it before is now the past. It is irrelevant to how they are handling it going forward.


Yep. That’s why I said historically. The whole “past performance is no guarantee of future . . .”


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