A few questions from a returning veteran player

So I just got back into the game after almost two years. Anywho, I have a few questions:

  1. I noticed that the branches have even more pages than before(last time I checked, they had about three and a half pages or so), did the sigil grind really not get a solution?

  2. I’m getting back in a bit late, so would it be better to wait for the next season before trying to dedicate myself to working on a branch?

  3. What’s up with these “mythic ascensions” I keep hearing about? Are they meant to just remove the whole “X keys for mythic” thing and make it so you can turn your chosen dragon into a seasonal mythic?

Those are pretty much all the questions I have. Would appreciate any helpful responses/references :slight_smile:


I think you can skip this seasons mythics.
Just imo.None of the 3 stands out.So you do not have to grind so much as well.You can simply wait for Festive then get draconics.
Also welcome back sir.


Nope, there have basically been no solutions to the horribly broken economy. In fact they are now nerfing lines and removing chests to make it harder.

This season’s mythics are nothing special, in fact for the first time we even have a pretty bland mythic hunter.
I would probably go for the tower line coming out next week or maybe the spell rider coming out next breeding. The tower line (unless they butcher it this season) is generally the best line with high resources (timers, electrum bars, gold chests) which will be helpful

Nope, you still need 20 keys to get a mythic but they also added on an extra requirement where you have to claim the legendary version of that mythics in order to obtain the evolution stones. Now the 20 keys just get you an “ascension stone” that will turn your legendary into a mythic. It’s a terrible format


Honestly, it’s a pain trying to explain. But, I will try!

The point is to allow you to choose your own discount dragon; in hopes that you’d have more time to fly it as legendary; and, to save a lame-o discount dragon you may not have wanted but previously had to spend sigils on in order to get the discount.

Currently, 3 out of 4 dragons are ascendable to mythic status. (This season, the warrior is solely legendary.)

Here’s the trickier part:
You CAN select one of the ascending dragons and complete the line to get the discount within the discount period. If you happen to change your mind AFTER claiming a full discount line,
:sparkles:AS LONG AS YOU DON’T LEVEL THE DRAGON :sparkles: , you can then get another ascending dragon to its orange stone and then level your second choice up using the evolution stones from your first choice.

This also works as a sort of 1 in; 1 out. So, if you level Jelithos to obsidian and then decide you want Durgotth, you’d have to complete Durgotth’s line to obsidian as well.

The evolution stones for any ascending dragon are essentially generic. HOWEVER, when you go to ascend your mythic choice, you MUST choose the line for the dragon you wish to make mythic as the mythic lines are dragon-specific and not generic.

Hopefully this makes sense.


What’s a spell rider?

Literally a rider that gives a spell. Basically a large portion of the seasons is now recycled content. Atlas no longer gets new riders and we only get 1 new seasonal rider per season. They now have “champion” riders which are old riders brought back with 10 more levels and some added boosts.

Spell riders are the new rider we get once per season. They’re basically just a rider that also has a spell they can give. It’s works just like adding a consumable cloak or lighting resist except the spell they give doesnt have any use limits. Some dragons the spell wont work with because they have a similar spell

Example: The first spell rider a few seasons ago was called Fera. She gave a healing spell called “Mend” which was basically like Super Rejuvinate (blue, 1 rage cost, heal hp over a short time). So she could be useful on dragons that didnt have healing or had low healing since she gave them a spell for that. It does cost rage to use that spell and it has a cooldown (Fera also has a skill to reduce the cd of that spell). You can only use that spell with that specific rider though, you couldnt get a different spell rider and then use Fera’s mend spell.

So far the spell riders themselves have been pretty good, offering fairly decent boosts for certain classes and having pretty good rage boosts. The spells however havent been very good. Fera’s was basically the only good one out of the 3 we’ve had

We’ve had

  • Fera: Gave the spell Mend which healed
  • Talamar: Gave the spell Putrid Brew which gave a very small damage boost and poisoned towers
  • Dmetron: Gave the spell Ward of Darkness which cycled between a 50% dark flak resist and 50% drakul pylon resist.
  1. Best thing to do is use sigils on gaining chests and then using them next season. Do the Festive Branch and purchase draconics and save gold and bronze chests.

This seasons mythics aren’t that impressive. Next seasons can’t be worse (fingers crossed).

  1. We now have 3 possible mythics which start out as legendary dragons. When you earn 20 keys can make one of them a mythic. Same dragon mind you, the legendary is just upgraded. It is not like before when 20 keys earned you a new dragon. You use the 20 keys in the Mythic Ascension Branch.



As a longtime player that returned, don’t. Just don’t. You’ll be sorry.

Sorry I didn’t answer any of your questions. Figured I’d save you the time.


save sigils for draconic chest . its in last branch of festive. at this point its worthless to get mytic. yes will suffer in this event but trust me its worth it.plus there is multiple trading post/limited time branch coming in this season

Run away…don’t play… you got out once…don’t get sucked back in. They fixed nothing and only made things worse. Ruuuuuuunnnnnnnn

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That’s not true.

It’s not the fixing but that we each must have the latest processor devices with the largest memory space available to game this game… and also the newest modem
Else just go lowest resolution …

So game economy and power creep and atlas politics are related to processing and memory? Now you sound like pg… the problem is with your device and your internet :joy:

How can you tell?? Problem is always device n user error :speak_no_evil::speak_no_evil::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Everything else is just being humans. Also see a way to exploit game… Exploit it n be rewarded massively for it …as we latest being told.

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dont forget server its crap

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