A few small ideas for future updates

  1. Prevent any player that receives a score of zero from receiving any team prizes after an event.
    While I understand the team can simply remove them in most cases, it’s not always that simple. While helping to prevent leeches and creating more of a fair prize system I believe it will encourage players to participate more.

  2. Remove Global ranking prizes and instead create one for each league with tiered prize levels of course.
    Attempting to place even in the top 1000 is a feat even dedicated players will struggle for. Dividing it into leagues instead would give more people an actual chance at being rewarded for their hard work. Not saying make it easy, nor extravagant prizes, just more obtainable, even if there’s no prize.

  3. I know this has been discussed before, however the reason escapes me at the moment. If we are able to make wars begin at a dedicated time, why is this not doable with events? Especially the minor events where your resources mean so much at the start. It’s often frustrating needing to stay in game most of the day due to this fact. Granted I play a lot anyway, but not everyone does, and it would more allow some peace of mind than anything.

I’m sure there are a thousand reasons why each suggested item should not be done. Love to hear your opinions either way. :blush:

Event start times and treasure hunts
Events preferential treatment

Like, like, like.

Although, on 1., I thought you had to score SOMETHING to get team prizes already?


Thanks! Perhaps you do have to at least score something already! If so pardon my ignorance on the matter. I’ll feel less agitated at non participating parties in the future is so.


If you switch teams mid event in PVP there are instances you cannot score any points. This will make it more difficult for anyone switching teams if they know they will receive nothing.

And for those truly inactive non participating players – kick em.


Regarding #3

From CampusLifer in the old forums …

I sorta addressed this in a previous post here: http://wardragons.pocketgems.com/for...ere-any-reason


In the case of events, there’s a ton of human-driven work that goes into running them. Realistically we’re not going to be in a position to change the start-time of events in the foreseeable future. We continue to automate our processes as much as possible. But still, every time we start an event a huge team of human beings is “doing stuff” until the moment the event goes live. and then that hardworking team sits there monitoring all our dashboards to make sure it’s running with minimal problems, triage the issues, and try to fix them as quickly as possible. even when we run events which feel like they’ve been run many many times, there’s inevitable some sort of change that has happened since the last time we ran it which requires that we modify / test / integrate / deploy. Even if “nothing changed”, just the fact that the userbase itself grows means that running an event can cause players to slam our servers in new and unexpected ways, often requiring us to scramble and figure out how to deal with something which didn’t used to explode but suddenly has scaling issues. While we do have R&D team members working 24/7 every day, running events is error prone enough that we want to release them during our normal business hours in case something explodes and we need to grab people to help…

The truth is our events are pretty labor intensive. Sometimes we find problems in the final hour while doing final pass of integration testing and smoke tests after we start deploying to the production servers and checking everything. We try our best to hit a certain time of day (we want to have a predictable schedule and get to eat dinner on time) but there are definitely unexpected things that pop up.


I have had my alt scoring 0 in events, and it still got event prizes. Scoring even 1 point in the events should be mandatory to be receiving any prizes.


While I understand it’s not a simple button pressed and boom everything is going and live… however I still think it can be more regular than not. But I’m not the one prepping it all either.
I understand all of the work that goes into preparing each event and I do appreciate it! However that doesnt mean as soon as everything is ready to launch and debug that it has to be. My point is that often events are starting between 2pm and 7pm Central Time. So make it 6 or whatever time is later in the normal parameters . If it’s ready at 4 then wait, launch it closer to a set time. And if issues arise then it may be a little delayed. Still better than the current method.


The point of #1 is to dock the players that don’t perform on your team. What if you have a very active player that for some reason can’t get on for a week, you are docking him also.

To reiterate again, new players to the team that join mid pvp event cannot score points. Why would anyone want to switch teams or move during a pvp even knowing they will get no team prizes. I know if we have a low performer or non war participant we kick at the start of pvp events and sit at 49 to let the applicants come to us if we do not have another replacement at the ready.

Yeah - it sucks having someone contribute zero to the event, but that should be on the team to handle as this would effect more than what the OP intends to correct.


Well that’s half true. You can switch teams and still get points in minor events, just not major ones. I agree with this rule, stay in your team for the event, it’s just a few days… and yes exactly say there’s a member that’s normal active but doesn’t contribute that event. Then imo they should receive nothing for team prizes. Or say they are already down several people and have 3 non contributors. Losing 3 more would open a flurry of wars… wouldn’t be smart to boot em yet. Hopefully makes a little sense. Isn’t just cut and dry every day or every time as your reply suggests.


For the first thing you mentioned, if I was that very active person who couldn’t get on for a week due to a vacation, being sick etc, then I wouldn’t have a problem with not receiving event prizes. The people who actually worked for it should be the ones who gets it.

In my experience (played for almost a year now), people avoid changing teams during major events to guarantee they will get the prizes. Well, most of the people I have encountered keeps it that way. While being leader I didn’t expect anyone to join during a major event, and talked with the people I was recruiting to make sure they joined after they recieved their prizes from the previous team. I didn’t kick people out to keep them from receiving prizes if they didn’t contribute, because I needed the spots filled until I found a more active player.

I feel like it’s only fair that the ones who contribute to the team should get the rewards for doing so. Not the inactive/non-responding players who thrive on other peoples hard work.


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