A game demands too much of time and money is not fun anymore

I guess you guys make one game into two. atlas supposed to be add spice to enjoy the main game. But the recent changes in the atlas made this game as two, means need to spend unresonable time to get advantage in the game or spend 50 to 100% more money than we spend right now to get things in the atlas. Seems no fun for who has not more than an hour or two per day.

A game demands too much of time and money is not fun anymore. hope you guys use brain well and don’t let the game die by making it unplayable with too many things to do in the game (time is money for everyone). the non spenders should be able to do what the spenders can do ( should be difficult but not too difficult or impossible ) , spenders ( who can put little time) spend to compensate their time with the game with money.

You can make the players to spend by making them greedy but not by being greedy yourself. lol.

never posted anything before this is my first post,


KISS rule is often overlooked Keep It Simple Stupid

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There is some truth in what you say. But one has to decide what they need from the game:

A.) Progress / competition
B.) Fun

If one’s choice is A), then they need to invest time and/or money, and then stay in Platinum and above.
If it was B), then who cares as long as there are dragons to fly?


Perfectly said

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You have a point as well, however I feel that most players will start playing because it’s fun and then once they find people who jive with them in a team, they will switch their playstyle to progress/competition to help out their team (or at least that’s my experience).

OP Is right in the sense that I am nearing that sapphire wall every single day and I dread it when I start looking through those dragons. To get through that in a reasonable amount of time, I’m going to have to spend, spend, spend. Which my finances don’t really allow at the moment. I don’t mind devoting time to the game, but there is only so much time you can devote to get the eggs you need and then you have to wait a month or so before it hatches to hatch your next one. I really enjoy this game, but I dread progressing too much further because it is going to be one helluva grind fest.


The sapphire wall really isn’t tooooo bad. Yes, you hang there for a bit. But I find there is such an exponential difference between going from gold to plat and then plat to sapphire, its quite ridiculous.

Also… there really hasn’t been an update to:

edit: as I know PG posted within this thread they were looking into options/etc.


I agree 100%!!

And there is also the fact that OP (me) is in the GPF and IF any conversations are happening, I cannot speak to them.


I sure hope something is happening because the more time that passes, the lower the leagues are that people are breeding Sapphire’s. Lower league means less daily egg tokens and less team rewards…but I don’t have to tell you that.

Thanks for all the effort you put into fixing this and other scaling issues and for your guides.

I agree with this post. Atlas is a separate game…it looks cool but is extremely time consuming. I don’t want to play an atlas season and a regular game season, open atlas chests and regular chests, grind egg token missions and grind mines, do regular events and atlas events, and so on.,.

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Just makes me think of PG response on the level up rewards; about them trying to say, give people to much free stuff and they may quit.

more like overload us on a bunch of crap that i don’t have time for, and i may quit.

the normal game was already quite a time sink, then add atlas and barely enough time; add on this ridiculous atlas season with unrealistic costs for rewards and the time that would be required to do well in both regular and atlas season. i am sorry but i am burning out just thinking about it.

add in all the game play problems in atlas; this camels back is just about near broke


This game requires an incredible amount of time daily if you want to be in higher leagues. It’s pretty much a FT job…one u lose money at :joy:


Atlas is a choice. Everything in this game is a choice. If there isn’t enough time or money to play … set your expectations lower. :woman_shrugging:


ive been going too deep to abandon this game, thats what i though… i dont know what im going to do when someday i uninstall this game. this is why i keep spend more time and more money into it. sad :sweat:

If you only have an hour per day to play, you might consider quitting now, or else be content with being in gold league with weak dragons. That’s not PG’s problem, that’s your problem.

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Totally disagree!

Of course it isn’t “that bad” you get through it but it’s a grueling process especially for a non spender!
It’s possibly the most out of balance that I’ve seen from any game ever!

Sure we all get through it eventually (if you don’t end up quitting) but to think
The fastest route out of sapphire is 595,000 tokens! For a pretty active/serious player but a non spender they may only gather up around 100k tokens between breeding events. So one sapphire dragon a month & the Mythic taking them 2 breeding events. That’s ridiculous!
So it taking someone roughly 5-6 to breed 4 uselsss dragons (Hau the exception) that’s not that bad? Lol ok then repeat this again through Garnet & Emerald…
This area which starts at the sapphire wall can take a non spender up to a year or over, breeding useless dragons!
I don’t see how you think it’s “not that bad”.

It’s terrible these dragons are still priced as they are the top tier dragons but they are worthless!
Every now & then you’ll grab up a dragon that’s fun to fly & very rarely you’ll actually get a useful dragon!

Egg token missions never go up.
Amount in chest stops & never goes up anymore.

They have made the power from one tier to the next so high & they try to balance towers to the dragons so everything is all messed up!
After Platinum 99% of lineage dragons are strictly breeders except the top tiers & it’s ridiculous getting to the top tiers because we continue paying top tier prices long after new tiers are released. It makes no sense but I’m sure it brings in a good profit!

It’s not ok that Maheaten & Rhyo cost about the same! Or that Icicle cost almost double what Noc costs!
Idc that it says Mythic before his name that’s crazy!
Anapa cost almost as much as Wydran
Sekhem almost cost as much as Estril lol
It goes on & on…


Don’t get me wrong, I’m in complete agreement on the absurd cost. Just like the examples you pointed out. It makes ZERO sense that Sapphire (especially) has retained is overall cost since its release considering its now 4 tiers behind current.

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it wouldnt even make sense if the costs were lowered and everyone can be at obsidian or harbinger without spending 1000s of $.

there is a “Balance” in the Game which costs Money for a newcomer.

when i started playing WD (about 1,5 yrs ago) there were already sapphire dragons and highest base was around lvl 300.

today im 315+ and owe harbinger dragons cause i spent. am i able to expert Harbingers at this lvl ? no! and there is no point i should be as far in dragons and or Base like the Whales in WD without spending!


Sumatan has a point as well. :slight_smile:


But they don’t cost the same really.
Mehaten costs X
Rhyo costs X (mehaten cost) + every single dragon cost between the two on a breeding path

So overall, they really don’t cost the same amount. It’s kind of like saying that a two year technical college costs about the same as a med degree because you compared the cost of the last year of classes and they were about equal. You need to include the cumulative cost of the two year of the tech school and the 8 years of the med degree when comparing them.


Lol Obviously

I’m not understanding? So you think it’s ok for Sapphire & Garnet dragons to remain at the price from when they were the top tier! The best dragons but have long been uselsss now but it’s ok to still price them as the best?!?

Or you are stating the obvious only to disagree?
Either way you get the point. Both tiers way overpriced! Almost a Qt million tokens for Garnet Mythics? Lol that’s absolutely ridiculous!