A gift for those in Quarantine

This might be better or as good as PG’s gift let’s see https://howmuchtoiletpaper.com/

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Different custom, different problem :sunglasses:

Mysterious Orca :thinking:. Please explain :eyes:

Not all countries mainly use toilet paper for it
We have alternatives :eyes:

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Bidet!!! Bidets are awesome :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:



I hit the jackpot yesterday and was able to buy two packs of TP and 2 gallons of milk.


Funny! I gotta pass that one along :rofl:

I went to Costco during stocking and bought a thirty pack of toliet paper

I already predicted the tp shortage a few weeks before this so I already stocked up a long time ago

Why don’t people have a good amount of such necessary products for daily usage all year round and don’t buy it unless emergency hit?

Omg. :see_no_evil:
Bidets are not an alternative… They are used in addition to, or after, but not instead of toilet paper… At least here :see_no_evil:

To be honest most families probably spend 1/3 or 1/2 of their time either working outside their home, commuting or at school, so being stuck at home will generate a relative increase in… “Need” for TP… But not such alarming quantities with customers buying a few months worth of TP, that I can agree :sweat_smile:

I knew I was doing something wrong

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This is to calculate how long you will last and prevent the spread by going out less