A Guide to Defending Naja

I’ve noticed a lot of people struggling to defend Naja, and calling it OP. Sure, but it also takes skill to fly flawlessly, and you can exploit the 95% who aren’t skilled enough to fly her that well, and down them pretty easily.

Honestly you’ll probably think it’s OP unless you make a base designed to counter it and learn to defend it. Fortunately, you don’t need to make your base too weird or read a book to achieve this.


  • You need 2 mages on your kill. For sure. It’s good to also have an ice flak and a storm/earth flak. Two red mages is ideal but honestly, so long as you have one, we can work with that.
  • Position them such such that Naja can’t double kill any of these towers. Keep in mind that the storm tower has a weird hitbox, so it’s fine to plop this in the centre of your kill island. It’s hard to double.
  • For the back island, bad Naja flyers dislike the How and lightnings intensely. If you’re closer to maxed level, the fire flak supershot can help, too.
  • Here’s an example of a good kill setup for Naja, specifically posed for this image by yours truly- red mages, earth flaks, and ice flaks are fine on any of the four corners, then arrange your other towers accordingly. If you’re running two red mages, it’s okay to have one in the centre, too.
  • ONLY MAINGAME: Keep in mind that the storm fires ridiculously fast in the third row. This is true to some extent in Atlas, but…it’s slightly slower, so if you’re facing a war it’s a good thought to consider moving your storm to Row 3. Keep in mind that this is a low-key Advanced Move that will require good defenders and a good knowledge of tower ranges to pull off an effective base design well, though.


Active Defense

  • SAVE YOUR SUPERSHOTS. Chaining them, instead of firing them all at once, is the best way to mess up Naja.
  • Preload your storm/earth flak. Poor Naja flyers often mess up the timing and slam their first ammo volley straight into a shield.
  • Load up mage supershots one by one. If you have two mages in the same row, never load them both up at once. If they’re on staggered rows, they’ll fire in short order one after the other, but not at once, so it’s fine to load them both. If you have a blue mage, preferentially load it after the red mage- most Naja flyers will choose to target the red mage first.
  • Timing an ice flak supershot after the first blink is good; if you can figure out the timing to chain an ice flak supershot and the Howitzer firing (hopefully a normal shot!), you’re very likely to kill Naja.
  • Lightnings are underrated. If you have them in the first row of Island 4, and extra supershots, it’s good to supershot them.

Here’s the original on my blog. Check the #guide tag at the bottom of the post to check out other guides; at time of writing I’m at 2, but I’m working on it.


This really seems to open you up to vulnerabilities from tonnes of other dragons. That and you can just have any dragon with invulnerability shield come on through.

I really don’t see why the how is any good. It literally does nothing against naja’s shield. It instantly reapplies. Same with Lightning’s. If the shield is off, they work. Otherwise they are just as ineffective.

Ice flaks really are the true counter to naja. Ice mage mages. Defending against her is less setup (provided it wasn’t some crazy weird one) and more just don’t throw super shots into the void. Stagger then as you said and make the ice flak land.

Well, I never said to supershot it? If you practice silencing Naja and chaining that with lightning supershots and the How normal shot it’s pretty much dead on the spot.

Also, even if you do supershot it, most mediocre flyers won’t reapply it instantly, which opens it to damage. It’s not terrible.

Sure, but it’s a guide to defend against Naja, specifically. You’re pretty much fked if your Naja meets a kill with an ice and two red mages.

If you’re going to tailor your defence to a specific dragon, you better be ready to make some sacrifices in other areas. War dragons doesn’t play on this sacrificial aspect of base design enough imo.

Which ends up in people expecting their base to kill all the dragons, equally well. :woman_shrugging:

Would you mind also provide a tutorial on how to fly Naja?
Instead of defending, I am struggling with flying Naja through middle long. I’m not a very good flyer. While I still see much more Naja died in middle long under 2 defenders in my league (sapphire 2, 3),

Currently majority of ~500 base has this or similar type of middle longs.
Red---------------fire/dark flak
-------- storm-----------
ice flak-------------Red
howitzer-----------blue/ice flak

(With these types of layout, I just keep super charge ice flak and mages and seems Naja die quickly.)

Thanks in advance

Naja is very easy to take down, double red or not.

Only dragon that still needs a guid to take down is Gig :joy: Naja is the most well balanced dragon I’ve seen after sometime.

Strong for a mythic - yes
Is it unstoppable - No


You misunderstand. The spell itself reapplies instantly. The player has to do nothing. The shield is cancelled for a millisecond but then reapplies on its own. Only ice flaks (maybe cannons haven’t seen them yet) break the shield truly.

I understand that. And that is the persons call to make. Just seems a dangerous trade off

Go for the ice flak first, and then kill the red mage and storm, then the second red mage, blinking all the while? In all honesty you’re probably dead without a summon though. Use it after your first blink to tank one set of red mage supershots.

Holy shiet what.

Sure, but it’s also a trade off I’ve seen a lot of people make to very little ill effect. Ultimately it’s up to them as to decide how to adapt best to the meta.

Ehhh. I mean, it’s also easy to mess up with defending Naja. Here’s the gig guide; seems easier to me somehow.

:roll_eyes: More like the ss doesn’t break the shield

Thank you so much for the help. I’ll keep practicing.
But majority of the case, I either got shot by a timely red mage or used up all my rage for blinking… And there is no way to put any “marks” to restore rage back due to the 3 red mage settings. And it’s also impossible to tank through without rage due to the howitzer or lightning combo.

~How to Improve Defenses Against Any Mythic~
Condition 1: Have a GOOD internet connection because Network delays suck.
Condition 2: PG’s servers are working

No? Not working?

Condition 3: Hope your opponent is just a terrible flyer

Still no?

Maybe the glitches will kick in and favor you

Jokes aside, if the network is wonky, chaining the correct supershots and getting the timing right is not so much as difficult as it is painfully inconsistent.

Most people tend to preload all there SS on same towers every battle no matter the dragon attacking. If Naja isnt one thing, it is op. Its one of the best balanced dragons lately. Not unstoppable but also able to do big bases. All depends on the defender and if they know what they are doing. Like hammer spam farm against Naja makes you one of the worst defenders in the game, and i see this daily.

Some dragons just aren’t made for some setups. Ideally, this is fine, this means said base is more easily taken by other dragons.

Isn’t it nice how we only get one relevant dragon to use every 3 months, though?

I hate them either way, doesn’t matter the dragon I’m flying. Probably hate the howy the most though :unamused:

Why should i hate Lightning with Naja? I dont even bother to target them if not have to. They cant hurt me, only if shield off :thinking:

Kinda assumes that the defender, following the defence guide, would have drained and silenced the Naja hard enough to get her to die to them. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sure. Some dragons are better against some setups than others. Made for specific setups? Not sure I agree.

I disagree here. It’s stupid expensive and punishing to change up layouts until super late game. Forcing new layouts for specific dragons makes non-spenders and early game players even more irrelevant.

IF you could restructure bases at all levels without penalty then I would agree with you. But I just don’t think this current model supports this

It’s a rare season that only a single dragon is useful.

Naja weakness is ice flaks that’s all