A Guide to Factions

Since news of their inception, there has been a fascination within the forums for Factions and their role in the WD community. This fascination has led to much discussion; discussion mixed with facts, fiction, speculation and misinformation.

As there is currently no central source of information for forum-goers to reference should they want facts and information about the factions, I have created this thread to serve as a central source for readers to refer to and use as a reference in discussions.

Before I get into it, I would like to make a few disclaimers. I, who at the time of writing this am not in any faction, have consulted with PG Staff and members of the factions so I can provide as much information here as possible and have put great effort into trying to make this accurate. All comments are welcome below; but, I ask that you make sure you are well versed with the code of conduct prior to posting.

imagePG Staff

While not a faction, PG Staff frequent the forums and may choose to reveal themselves by using the badge above. Unlike faction members, staff are funded by PG (no duh, I know) and can also be recognised by red font for their name (optional) and yellow font of their posts (optional). Forum-going Staff can be viewed by clicking on this link.

image Moderators image

Moderators may be a mix of staff or players who are given privileges to moderate the forums. Their power extends to and is limited to the forums only. Moderators can be distinguished from other accounts by the moderators shield at the end of their name, their name in green font (optional) and moderator badge (optional; both shown above). Moderators also gain a unique portrait as thanks for serving the forum community. All moderators can be found via this link and may be pinged in any post by typing “@moderators” (sorry, for the ping!).

image Creators Faction

The Creators Faction are a group of players that also create content on various platforms designed to help and inform current players or introduce WD to new potential players. Once officially inducted into the Faction, members sometimes get early access to information to help them create content that can be released at the same time PG release features. Creators Faction members are public by nature and can be recognised by the CF forum badge (optional) or CF portrait they are given (optional). Any content creators that want more information on how to apply can follow this link.

With special thanks to @MiinaNiina, here is a list of current CF members.

I’ll try to keep this up-to-date as best I can. Current as of 23 Sep 2021

Early Birds

First discussed early in 2018, this group of players was formed to provide feedback on Atlas and help advise PG on selected new features prior to their release and were bound by the limitations of a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). Early birds are not known to have any forum or in-game features that distinguished them from other players and were under no obligation to reveal their identity.

This group is now defunct as a distinct faction and has been merged into the Gameplay Faction.

image Gameplay Faction

First formed in early 2018, the GPF is a small group of players selected on their ability to provide feedback and discuss topics in a detailed and constructive manner. They receive early access to selected parts of the main game content and Atlas content (since merged with Early Birds) in order to provide feedback and suggestions ahead of the content’s release. There is no formal selection criteria or application process, PGGalileo currently identifies candidates based on four main attributes and individuals who are confident in their ability to satisfy these criteria and bring new attributes to the overall Faction can apply via this link.

GPF are strictly an advisory group only, also bound to NDA and are not under any obligation to release their identity to the general community. GPF members that choose to reveal themselves can be recognised by the forum badge (optional) and the portrait they receive as thanks for their service to the community (optional).

image Gilded Faction

The newest Faction, GF is currently in a beta period and is aimed to be a reward program for players who invest heavily (whether this be time or otherwise) in the game. If it progresses further, criteria to join this faction will be released. The GF can be recognised by their forum badge (optional) and exclusive portrait (optional).


Place holder comment for translations to other languages.

日本語 (Japanese)



話を始める前に、いくつかの免責事項を述べたいと思います。これを書いている時点ではどの派閥でもない私は、PGスタッフや派閥のメンバーと相談して、ここでできるだけ多くの情報を提供できるようにし、これを正確にするために多大な努力を払っています。以下のコメントはすべて歓迎します。ただし、投稿する前に、 行動規範に精通していることを確認してください。



image モデレーター image

モデレーターは、フォーラムをモデレートする特権を与えられたスタッフまたはプレーヤーの組み合わせである可能性があります。彼らの力はフォーラムにまで及び、フォーラムのみに限定されています。モデレーターは、名前の最後にあるモデレーターシールド、緑色のフォントでの名前(オプション)、およびモデレーターバッジ(オプション、両方とも上記)によって、他のアカウントと区別できます。モデレーターはまた、フォーラムコミュニティにサービスを提供してくれたおかげで、ユニークな肖像画を手に入れることができます。すべてのモデレーターはこのリンクから見つけることができ、「@ moderators」と入力することで任意の投稿で呼び出すことができます。

image クリエイター派


@MiinaNiina に特に感謝します。現在のクリエイター派メンバーのリストを以下に示します。

できる限り最新の状態に保つように努めます。 2021年9月23日現在のものです。




image ゲームプレイ派



image 金色の派閥

最新の派閥である 金色の派閥は現在ベータ期間中であり、ゲームに多額の投資をしているプレーヤー(時間であろうとなかろうと)への報酬プログラムとなることを目的としています。それがさらに進むと、この派閥に参加するための基準が発表されます。 金色の派閥は、フォーラムバッジ(オプション)と専用ポートレート(オプション)で認識できます。


i presume time, in here too, is not considered as an investment instrument.

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That presumption would be wrong, sorry, envy. Time in game was presented to me as one of the definite criteria for their selection in GF.


This is all correct!


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