A guild hacking gold for atlas advantage

Hello, i am bringing this up because it’s been lasting for a month minimum but lately i been ashamed of my team. MythicForce is the name, i been there for a while but a kind of cancer « IGN HailMary » joined and is now destroying the team. They used to be the best team ever but this week i got kick to let a hacker join, my goal is not to destroy the team they did that by themselves but i want pg’s to fix this hack. I came to the conclusion that they didn’t care about us so stopped caring too. Apparently it’s a 2 years old hack, they can generate infinite gold and infinite gems i guess because Rech had two max bases. I heard that he already got banned in the past, but he found another way to get aroung pg’s system. Leadership is aware and encourage this, they said it was the only way to have a great start in Atlas. Why? Because when the account get banned, islands are not gettng rolled back. I would encourage pg’s to investigate because i’m pretty sur they’re not the only ones doing it. I heard that there was already a ban wave in Diamond a while ago and i like to think another would be good. So far 2 got banned in under a week HailMary alt wich was « Cecealia » and Rech’s alt wich was « iSuperHot ». My ex team mates told me that another account joined today to gem gold, name is « MythicTotts ». Also someone said that Lord got an account « GlitterPeoenix » banned but it wasn’t in this team. Here is a tons of screenshots to prove that what i’m saying is revelant. Get rid of hacking please, it seems so easy to hack on this game. Rech has another account in there named « Ev0lsItIhS » i’d appreciate if you investigate it.


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This is beyond ridiculous.

@pgEcho this is absurd! Say this team doesn’t get to keep Gold gained by cheating…

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Please do not create callout threads. I have asked this repeatedly in the past. If you’d like to report someone for cheating please submit a ticket and our team will investigate.

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