A History of Dreadnought

DREADNOUGHT: a name that invokes fear, hate, admiration, and salt. All know the name, but only a few know what it means to be Dreadnought. Fewer can speak with authority. Read their words.

“Crush the opposition . . . no allies, play smarter and harder than the opposition.”
KoC Dreadnought 2012-13
GoW Dreadnought 2013-15
WD Dreadnought, Founder, 2015-16

“Loyalty to teammates, win whatever it takes, f*ck everybody else.”
GoW Dreadnought 2013-2015
WD Dreadnought, Founder, 2015-2018

“A team at war with the game and all challengers on behalf of its members. No moaning, no shit-taking, ruthless to all others not on the team, aggressive desire for domination whilst not taking ourselves too seriously and having fun.”
WD Dreadnought, Founder, 2014-2017

“Si vis pacem, para bellum.” (“If you want peace, prepare for war.”)
—Latin maxim


Dreadnought’s journey began long before it came to War Dragons, or before there was a War Dragons to come to. Nine years ago, the founding core formed in a different game, Kingdoms of Camelot, where they swept all before them in a path of conquest. In time, that path led them to a new game, with new challenges. That was Game of War, where EmperorDread led other ruthless Dreads in reaping a swathe of destruction across kingdoms. In 2014, with armies slain and cities smoking behind them, EmperorDread and his loyal teammates JimBobAus and ironkiwi began looking for a new game to invade.

They found War Dragons. This was BitPig’s new app, a glorious mess of a game with frequent resets and constant chaos. EmperorDread stepped into this new world with Jim, and soon they found themselves on a team called WarDragons. In addition to his crimes against creative team-naming, the leader of that team tried to manufacture a war win through an exploit, and that was not something EmperorDread could tolerate. He raised a call to arms, and ironkiwi and other stalwart Dreads answered. They moved into this strange new game, and the War Dragons chapter of Dreadnought was born.

“ED tossed a wobbly, and we decided to kickstart Dread again.”

“Iron, we just started Dreadnought. Get your ass here NOW.”
—EmperorDread, as narrated by ironkiwi

Led by EmperorDread, War Dragons Dreadnought assembled a band of players that embodied the same ethos that had driven Dreadnought in other games: team above all else, ruthlessness to their enemies, and unmatched drive to dominate. Best among the new blood was Altin, a mighty warrior who could turn the tide of battle on his own.

At the time, the two top teams in the game were WarDragons and Dragonscull, so those were the teams that Dreadnought chose to fight. No rivals but the best were worthy. Dragonscull was first. This was a storied rivalry, with league chat constantly ablaze with creatively vulgar insults between EmperorDread and Dragonscull’s RossVCol. EmperorDread’s audacity in calling out the established top team was a watchfire in the night, drawing the most fearless and uncompromising players to Dreadnought. In the end, Dragonscull fought hard, and Dragonscull fought well. Dragonscull never had a prayer. Their destruction sent out a shockwave, and WarDragons fell soon thereafter: one war loss, and they disbanded. In the ashes of his rivals, EmperorDread stood triumphant, awaiting the next challenger.

At the time, the top league was Gold. As the game’s popularity grew, a parallel Gold League was created, and in the second one, a powerful new team ruled: GeniusGaming. When the announcement came that the first-ever Platinum League would be created from the top teams of both Gold Leagues, the battle between GeniusGaming and Dreadnought became inevitable. GeniusGaming was certain that their name would be remembered as the team that toppled Dreadnought. Now it is only remembered for where it is etched on our wall.

Though the battle lasted months, GeniusGaming proved unable to gain ground. Their greatest obstacle was the ultimate fortress base, Chimerean, a towering level 88 colossus who could only be beaten by two Carsis dragons. War-weary and unable to score lasting victory, GeniusGaming bled members, reformed, and fused together with other top teams. Together, they forged the game’s first super-team: Drakons. They were a band of titans, united by a single purpose: to dethrone Dreadnought. They made no secret of their intentions, telling Dreadnought that their days were numbered.

This was EmperorDread’s greatest test. The fighting was furious, and in the midst of weeks of war, one player missed a hit: a no-show. In this dire situation, on September 14th, 2015, the team made the emergency decision to swap in a lowly applicant they had barely vetted. That player’s name was TyrionTargaryn. From the day he joined, he felt like a dwarf standing among giants, seeing so many legends who he was now to fight alongside as a peer. More than that, the founders had a magnificent presence, in the respect that followed them and the order that followed from that. Well, he’d been given a place. Now he had to earn it. To this he committed himself, battling Drakons relentlessly, and here he first learned what it meant to play the game at its highest level of competition.

Drakons’ crusade continued on, but try though they might, they proved unable to push the reigning champions off their throne. Defeated and demoralized, one month later, they disbanded. Days afterward, on October 23, EmperorDread gave up leadership in the only fashion his stature would allow: after his greatest triumph, standing above the defeated form of his greatest enemy.


The crown then passed to Altin. The other Dreads were stunned; even their officers had no idea that this battle was to be EmperorDread’s last. But Altin was the one choice that everyone could rally behind: he was the best of them, the most honorable, one of the four original cornerstones of the team, and when he spoke, he thundered like the voice of God. His was the steady and solid hand that Dreadnought needed after EmperorDread’s departure, but he preferred the role of mentoring leaders and managing strategy to the day to day demands of leading the team. And as an international assassin, his specialty was toppling thrones, not sitting on them. As such, he began grooming the next leader to take the helm. Three months later, he crowned SmokeySailor as third leader of Dreadnought, and slipped back into the shadows.

With Smokey at the helm, the team grew stronger still. Soon after he began his reign, on February 11, 2016, he promoted TyrionTargaryn to officer. A new role calls for a new name, thus the unassuming TyrionTargaryn became BalerionBDread, burning down bases with a fury worthy of his Game of Thrones namesake. The team charged beneath the shadow of his wings, with him blazing at the forefront of every new conquest.

In the months to come, Dreadnought proved able to thrive under all the challenges the game could throw at it. There were times when Smokey was deployed, and Altin returned to the Dreaded Throne. Much later, Dreadnought found a new mighty rival, Equilibrium. This was the great battle of Smokey’s reign, and it was a battle Dreadnought decisively won. On October 24, 2016, Equilibrium disbanded…sort of. Two days later, in the manner of EmperorDread, SmokeySailor announced his retirement and named BalerionBDread as his successor.

Again a new role called for a new name. It was on this dreadful day that KINGDREADIV began his reign.

As with the day he joined Dreadnought, he asked himself: how do I prove worthy of this? The task before him was daunting. What would he do–what would anyone do, when told to lead fifty of the best players in the game, each of them renowned in their own right?

But he knew his team. Every player knew the mission. The founders had written the team’s values in blazing letters, and they still lit the way forward. All that the team required of him was the that he bring them total victory.

There was only one mission: War.

There would be many wars to come: with NoMercyOrder, with LethalDescent, with RoyalRoad. Atlas would change the face of the game, and what it meant to destroy a team. But Dreadnought’s motto remained constant: Fight with us, you will disband.


In all of our history, Dreadnought has sought one single thing. We seek the greatest challenge: the strongest enemies, the largest battles, the fiercest fighting. The point of the war was war: the ultimate competitors, seeking their ultimate competition. In this fight we have been utterly uncompromising: we accept nothing less than total victory. We chose this route to the top not because it was easy, but because it was hard.

As each enemy fell, we looked toward the next great battle, the next team able to stand as a worthy rival. We can find no challenges left on the horizon. To find the next great opponent, we would have to turn on our closest allies in DominusOmnium, and that, we refuse to do. Loyalty and audacity were the values that brought us this far, and they leave us only one choice.

Dreadnought leaves behind War Dragons as it has left behind other games – in a wake of destruction, but with a breath of hope for those who remain. It is a new day in War Dragons.

Honor us with your stories: the wonderful and awful things we’ve done over the past six years, the rumors, the lies, the truths, and everything in between. Dreadnought has always stood above the noise, but we have loved hearing it, too.

As for myself, I retire in the tradition of the leaders and generations of Dreads that came before me: atop a throne of skulls, wrought from our most formidable enemies, victorious and at peace at last.

Or perhaps it is merely peace until the next Dreadnought call to arms…

WD Dreadnought, Leader, 2016-21


Well best of luck first of all ! And congratz into winning all what you did :clap: but too bad you left first in global ranks now a team that doesnt deserve it :confused:

P.s : now I’ll read the letter cause wanted to be first to post :rofl:


EVERYONE - I’m just going to go ahead and warn now: Keep this thread civil, please.

Don’t turn this thread into a flagfest because we all know what flagfest topics look like - thanks in advance. :hugs:


Was an honor to fight beside you guys til they end wish you the best king dread and dreadnought members


Thanks so much for sharing the history of Dread!

It was an incredible honor to fight alongside you as a teammate and be a small part of such an impactful team. I’ll forever cherish my time with you, the knowledge gained and the bonds forged.



Well-written and an awesome history. Thank you.


Enjoy your time of peace, until the next call.
Thanks for the history, was a nice read :blush:


“And so we live and are forever leaving…” :green_heart:


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I don’t really have any stories to talk about that involves dread because I started in 2020. Although if my old iPad didn’t break I could’ve have many stories to tell of them. Lx is the only one I kind of know because of the podcasts.


Long live the King :crown:
Thank you for everything, for every minute you sacrificed to make Dreadnought what it is. :heart:


That sounds like the King Arthur legend, well written.

First time I get in contact with Dread (and it was a really short contact :face_with_thermometer:) was in the Iceland wars during the first Atlas expansion.
We fought for weeks around a gate castle named Istanbul. And we fought well. After weeks suddenly Dread occured and that fight ended within a few hours.

„The party ain’t over until the fat lady starts singing …“


Dread has been synonymous with nr.1 for as long as I’ve played this game. I think it shows a lot of class to end the team like this, after winning everything there is to win. It will be interesting to see what new dynamics will evolve from here. I’m pretty sure the name dread will never be forgotten while this game exists. Thank you for sharing your story.


this made me smile with the way its written… regardless of how battles went, this was a good read… its interesting to see some of the origin.

have fun in the next game you guys decide to conquer


Regardless of all the drama, I think it is clear that Dread simply was the number one team and has been for longer than I can even track. I have never known a team in any game to remain number one despite anything thrown at them for the length of time Dread did.

Well done for winning the game. And whatever you guys choose to do next, well good luck to the opposition. They need it more than you all do.


A well written history indeed. I started at the end of 2019, so I don’t have much history, but I did know the name DREADNOUGHT rather quickly after starting the game.
We did have one run in with them, that was very unexpected with us being a lowly p4 team. But it was quickly resolved and we all went about our business as usual.
It’s hard to see such a legacy leave the game, and I wish you the best in all future endeavors.


Thank you for the read, the honourable departure and the goal you have represented to me for much of the near 7 years I have been playing.

While I have witnessed much of what you described it was from afar and thoroughly enjoyed hearing it from your perspective. Your legacy will surely last as long as this game lives. Best of luck to you all!


Good luck to all KD, a story worthy of a great Leader, I started playing in 2016/17 and for me the Dreads have always been synonymous with strong power and dominance in the game and your story brings out just that! It takes courage to do what you have done, to leave at the moment of maximum expansion and power, but only great leaders are capable of doing this, when the time is right to do it. As you said, a new era begins for WD and it will be fun to understand how the balance will shift now that the strongest team ever has left the reins of the game.



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I will contribute to the consecutive chain of statements saying that this was well-written. As a reader, this was one of the top most entertaining reads I’ve had the experience of comprehending in a while. It goes without a doubt that Dreadnought is a very unique team, full in control; a group of adroit fliers, ruthlessly competent adversaries, and profound strategists. Dreadnought’s name will always be bound to this game. I marvel at your teams’ unwavering ability to remain on top, and it is a pity to see you leave. I wish you all the best of luck in your next step ahead, although I am in utter doubt of the fact that you all need it.