A Humble Thank You

On this day of Thursday, the thirtieth of July, at 3:13 PM, I would like to call upon the glitches and bugs of Atlas and ye regular game.

I gather you all here today to harken these bugs and glitches, for because of them, I have folded yon laundry on the same day that I hath washed it. This is indeed a monumental moment of history, and verily I tell you that the bards shall sing of this day.

On behalf of my underthings and many sweatpants, gym shorts, and T shirts, I thank thee. For it would never have happened without thee.

TLDR: Thanks to all the bugs and glitches, I actually folded my laundry on the same day that I washed it. Take that.



ME TOO!!! Crazy!


Yet for some reason yall keep spending money and playing for that matter

Oh. You think I spend money. That’s laughable.


I didn’t say you in particular, I was referring the the WD community as a whole.

Good. You’d better not be assuming things about me or else I will throw my freshly laundered and folded undergarments at you. :triumph:

Play the game or spending not same. Most i know just log due friends anymore and stopped spending.
Most dont even compete anymore for pvp and just log like me atm to laugh at each others flying while getting drunk. Btw is there an event going cause i dont care :man_shrugging::beer: @PGGalileo

Woah you spying on me!!?

Maybee :eyes:

look back.

he’s right behind you.

No my mirror is behind me.

You know TL;DRs are supposed to come before the main body right? :eyes:

May the laundry gods smite you from on high (spin cycle)!

All the ones I’ve seen on Reddit come at the end. May the sock thief lords forgive me.