A idea for a riders came to me

Is it possible to give riders a spell to cast could be a offensive/defensive/debuff/buff spell but cool down on the spells depending on what it is like 10 seconds so players wouldn’t abuse it just a idea would add more depth in the game for example a rider has a spell like fireball which like a one time use but having that rider you cannot equip the same spell on the dragon or rider bringing down cool down times for spells by .5 seconds or a rider cast bulwark on a dragon that halfs the damage from projectiles but only for a certain amount of the when it is cast cool down is like 8-10seconds or something just giving new ideas to keep game more interesting what are your thoughts?

They dont need to have a cool down ,having a one time use spell is fine to me
But ,Youd have an overpowered dragon with 6 spells to use , if you are equipping another spell in its empty slot too along with the rider spell

Ah ha but mythics don’t have the be perks like the regular dragons when it comes to regular dragons

This is a unique concept however I seen both positives and negatives. It can help to vary what dragons and fliers can accomplish however it could open Pandora’s box as well. Would we then see multiple riders on perches? Multiple spells would require either being able to forge said spells or the decision that they were only
Used by the one rider and when gone - they’re gone.