A letter from the community

We’re writing because we’re concerned about the direction in which the game is heading. The release of level 90 towers just two months after the release of level 85 towers has sparked a lot of unrest within the community, particularly in D1. With this letter, we want to share our concerns and to offer ideas, with the goal of finding solutions that can increase player happiness and reduce churn. There are three key issues we would like to highlight: cadence, cost, and value. They each have a major impact on the overall balance of the game. Ultimately, our goal is to find common ground where both the players and the company can maintain longevity of this game.

Breakdown began with Flakgate where flaks displayed proper numbers but were capped on the backend. PG’s solution to this was to add more levels to the towers. The game went from 5 levels per dragon tier to 10 levels. To fix this problem, the burden fell solely on the players.

Because the availability of premium resources (elemental embers, timers) has not scaled at a rate that is consistent with increased cost of tower upgrades, players are forced to shorten their bases. The cost of maintaining bases has become unsustainable.

Players are ultimately spending on their bases as a means to stop dragons. If spending tens of thousands of dollars on their bases is not stopping dragons, then player unhappiness spikes. Players want to feel that they’re making progress and it is yielding expected results. We understand there is a balance between wanting to take down a base and wanting to defend our own bases, but this balance is sorely weighted on the end of dragons. At the moment, investing $1000 into the latest dragon allows you to tear down an $80,000 base with multiple defenders.

These imbalances are causing major issues and even the hardened, seasoned players are growing restless. There are, fortunately, multiple approaches to improve each one in ways that can achieve both result and happiness.

To address some of these imbalances, the need to rebalance base power to dragon power seems necessary. Personally, I felt that the balance during the Vanguard dragon tier was perfect. During this tier, an average flier can take down an average base. An excellent flier can take down an end-game base. Two or more excellent fliers were needed to take down end-game bases with defenders. By accomplishing this balance, PG was able to make us feel that the investment made into the game was valuable and worthwhile. In regards to cadence, we understand that a decision was made to push for 10 level towers per tier. Perhaps a compromise would be to release the 10 levels over four build events instead of two. This would allow players to spread their spending, giving them a more positive attitude towards their progress without changing the end result for PG. Major spenders will keep spending consistently throughout the season to allow for a more sustainable tract for both PG and the players. This way, the result can remain the same, but player happiness would increase.

These are just a handful of proposals for a compromised solution, and simply the start of the discussion. There are smart people with different ideas on how to approach these issues, some of whom are already in the GPF. We ask that you simply take our concerns and suggestions into consideration and show us a commitment to finding common ground. As a show of good faith and a willingness to an open discussion, we would like to request an extension of the discount seasonal dragon period until we can get a few things resolved. Until a balanced conversation concerning our grievances and suggestions can happen, all the leaders of Diamond 1 teams have agreed to sit this event and this season out indefinitely. Furthermore, many in the community in lower leagues have expressed similar grievances and have joined this cause. We are serious about sustaining the longevity of this game, and we hope PG is too.

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:fist_left:t5: I agree thanks for the words that needed to be said :fist_left:t5:


PyroKings supports this movement and will abstain from this current event and any further spending. Look forward to a constructive response from PG


It really saddens me as a leader to ask my Team to take this stance
TheEmpire will not partake in the current event and withdraw from Spending
if PG actually started listening to the WD community we would not be in this situation where Players have lost all Trust in PG


I am 100% on board and I know others in my clan are as well. Currently Diamond II.


I’ve asked my team to refrain from spending and/or opening chests/spending rubies
Currently in Sapphire 1


Same support comes from DarkWinds Sapphire 1 , I am the former leader but still speak their voice . lets make the game better :facepunch:


Awesome to see the unity on this. I am 100% committed to this and anything else needed to bring about reasonable changes.


ButWeAreBetter also supports this. Good to unity across alliances for the games balance.


We are small, but we wholeheartedly agree with this.

In the end, we are all here because we happen to love this this game.


My team is supporting this as well. Good stuff. :+1:t4:


I’m supporting


FiresClan supports this as well.
Currently in D1.


TopGunTG also supports this 100%




Well written and clear request. Thank you for leading this effort to go back to a more balanced approach.

FieryRiver will sit out this event and not spend nor build.

Many thanks for the efforts.

Bane- FR


Supported also!


While I can’t speak for the whole of my team, I am refraining from spending until we get a VALID response from PG.

Thanks @KINGDREADIV - well put.


I’m completely agree!!