A lot issue after an update

  1. Slow network when someone try to defend a base that been attacked
  2. Server alway shows try to synchronized
  3. Teammate cannot join a battle.
  4. Cannot use chat
  5. Value pack not received after 48hrs
  6. Suddenly stop while playing the game


Have you contacted Customer Support?

They can certainly look into points 2) and 5), and probably can give some advice on the others.
And in case they can’t, it can be escalated further.

I must admit, I experienced myself 1) and 2) quite a lot lately, and even when I am the defender. It can be so unnerving when an attack takes up to 6 minutes because the dragon flies just as it was rolling on square-shaped wheels :frowning_face:


Same no1 and no 6 problem having with me also

this is what i am getting from 2days


If you haven’t already, please file a ticket with support. If you are unable to do so in game, you can file a ticket by clicking this link: support.wardragons.com


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