A lot of craft scholl, let it change to another


I have 167k craft scholls

Should we let it change to shards or others?


I get shards but only dark shards what’s up with that?


Different shards will drop different weeks. We don’t know yet if it rotates per week or per event. This event is dark shards.


No, only 2,819 for me! Scrolls, give me scrolls. :woman_zombie:


No no, this post is about Scholls. The OP doesn’t need any more foot-care products.


1 season worth of scrolls >> 126k collecting dust :frowning:
Crafted 5 sets of legendary


good, there are 10 sets. You are halfway there!


And barring being end end end game why would you bother crafting 10 sets?

Since clearly shards an issue… you cant really upgrade defense and offense sets of the same element.

What makes you think you need 5 defense sets?
Most only need 1 or 2.


Well I do have 9 sets, but only two of those are defense sets. Have two sets of ice and wind attack gear to make it to nine. Also still have well over 200k scrolls left, and very little need of them.

Not too worried about it though, better to have a bit too much of a resource than to go without. If we’re doing trade-ins I’d rather trade my fire/ice shards for embers first.

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