A Majestic Creature is Appearing

How much wood could a wood Chunk chuck if a wood Chunk could chuck wood?


Only the luckiest Dragon Lords have ever gotten a chance to see the Majestic Beast, Chunk, grace their isles. It is said that the beast only makes a pilgrimage to new lands around the first of April, when the spring sun starts to warm the dry, cold crust of the Earth. Chunk hails from an unknown region, popping up here and there, surprising the locals, and eating all of the nearby wood. Wood? That's right, wood! As much as the grace of Chunk may astound you, beware your wood-based structures, for Chunk can AND will take a bite out of anything he gets too close to.


The northern hemisphere of the Earth has just started turning towards warmer days. Therefore, you may be able to snatch a peek of Chunk before he's off again, as is his lonely and aloof nature. Dragon Lords will have the chance to witness this stunning creature for a short period of time this week before he recluses himself from the world once more.


Are you ready to behold the majesty of the almighty Chunk?





Majestic Beast


“Soaring through the sky, his grace is unparalleled.”



“An inherently peaceful creature, Chunk can often be found grazing on the outskirts of the Burning Sands. Not much is known about Chunk, other than the fact that, if you get too close, he’ll merrily disgorge a rather volumous amount of vegetation in your general direction. Perhaps it’s best to avoid Chunk.” - Milan Prosh, Draconic Research Academy Intern


Class: Warrior

Rarity: Epic

Element: Earth

Tier: Blue

Breedable: Yes

Parents: Etzel and Drude




  • Super Rejuvenate

    • Active | White | 2 Rage | 3 Second Duration

    • Restores Dragon's health over time.

  • Belly Flop

    • Active | White | 2 Rage | 4 Second Cooldown

    • Deals 90% of your Dragon's base HP to towers in the area. Kills Dragon.

  • Cloak

    • Active | Blue | 1 Rage

    • Conceals your dragon so that enemy towers cannot attack. Blue mage towers cancel this effect. Spell has a 3 second cooldown and a 12 second duration.

  • Ballista Resist

    • Passive

    • Reduce damage taken from Ballista Towers by 70%.



Get to know everyone’s favorite Blue Tier Dragon, Chunk:


Wow, Chunk is SO cool! How can I get him?

When a Drude and an Etzel love each other very much, a baby Chunk is born. Doesn’t look like much of a baby, though, does he?


Will Chunk evolve?

Nope. This majestic creature will live in the Blue Tier forever. He rather prefers it there.


Chunk’s a hungry boy. How do I feed him?

Chunk has a strong craving for players’ excess lumber when leveling up and will devour any that you pass its way. Chunk enjoys meat as well, but only when he’s perched as there’s not a lot of wood heading his way up there.


Will I get points for feeding Chunk with Fortification?

Chunk likes to lead his own life; he don’t need no Dragon Lord, but he’ll be your friend if you ask nicely. Either way, this sassy beast will not be getting you points for Fortification.


For how long will Chunk be breedable? I can’t wait!

Chunk leads a busy social life and has his appearances to uphold. As such, he’ll only be available from March 28th to April 3rd. Make sure to pencil yourself into his calendar before then!



Who’s ready to deplete their lumber resources with the most majestic of Blue Tier Dragons? Let us know how you feel about Chunk on our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram channels! Be careful not to hurt his feelings, though.


Heeeeeeere’s Chunky!!



I saw that video when it first came out and couldn’t believe how FAST they can be. Hope chunky flies extra fast!



Will he earn points for feeding him during the Feeding event?


How about commenting on some of the player issues with Aibrean or that mythic sorc before trying to distract us with another useless dragon…


Seriously?? A dragon that stays in blue tier, doesn’t give you point for fort or breeding since he isn’t being bred during breeding event. Yup April Fools Joke to us. Nice job PG :unamused: slow :clap:


April fools right? If not I’m gonna pet the hell outta him


Warrior, Cloak, Hippo…

I can’t even see my own picture upload. Damn this ninja hippo.

EDIT: internet slow on downloading the image. Is this because its a ninja hippo?


Look, a baby Chunk! What a cutie. (Credit)


This is freaking hilarious :joy:


He’s a cute fatty… won’t be getting him because I am way past blue tier but my minis mini may be just for fun… lol


Even if this is a joke to be honest I’d really prefer PG employees to be spending time fixing the more pressing issues. For example:

Working on accelerating atlas rollout
Adding in extra testing to make sure we don’t get more of the crashes that plagued us at the season start.
Generally fixing runes etc.


Lighten up guys, it’s probably pretty easy to roll out a new dragon even though it eats wood. Many of us (myself included) have whined about the food economy and wanted a termite dragon.

Sure he’s not a power house and I may not even get him but cut PG some slack and take some humor into your dark souls…

Laugh a little, it will make you feel better than complaining about absolutely everything that PG does.



IF it is so easy why do they keep giving us crap dragons with broken spells and runes? I guess it would be easy since they apparently dont bother to test them to see how well they actually perform or if their runes/spells actually work.


Agreed… relax

File name says it all

Being worked on by the Atlas pod.

In progress with QA.

LiveOps is looking into this.

Guess who made Chunk? Our Design team! As you can see, our design team does not work on any of the things listed above. Their work is still able to be featured while other devs work on the pressing matters respective to their own teams.

At least we have Chunk to show us there can still be some laughter in the world. Be careful, though, because he’s ready to eat all the wood you got. Your base will never be safe from the almighty Chunk.


Does your design team consider play ability or their designs or do the testing of these dragons before they are released?

They’re mostly low levels, so I’m assuming no :joy:

The dragon is too adorable to matter. :heart_eyes:


How many tokens will the cutie cost? :hugs:


Sooo…you’re waiting for someone to get back to you on that?