A Majestic Creature is Appearing


Ate all my lumber :man_facepalming:


BTW if you press the ad for Chunk when you first open the game it’ll take you straight to the breeding reguardless if your building is upgrading.


I now have a Ryuu replacement.

“You’ve been chunked, now truffle shuffle”


His flame is wood :rofl:

So OP.

Nerf Chunk! :rofl:


It’s not legendary it came up at epic


Thought u said legendary it came as epic :pensive: u lied I think we should be compensated hahahahahaha



I have an issue.

So his name is chunk.

WTH was his spell not called the “Truffle Shuffle”?


It was @pgcrisis who said legendary:


ty to the people involved with the creation of the dragon :green_heart:

I think this is probably the most fun PGCrisis has had on stream before :rofl:


Does anyone else think that releasing a dragon that eats wood during a wood shortage event is a special kind of stupid?

This kind of feels like wag the dog. Like, what are they distracting us away from with this useless dragon?


I meant the token required for breed him. And I like him :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: Thanks Jared.


~3.2K tokens


Ouch. Ok nvm then won’t be breeding the cute sucker


Thanks for the number. For one with platinum hurdle, that is cheap (about 120k for Leg. Platinum)


Ugh. If I could dislike this post, I would.

It’s funnn… for lolz…



Give Mike Hughes a break… he just had a near death experience, still believes the Earth is flat, and he’s gearing up for a gubernatorial race…


There’s a little thing in this world called “licensing” and “trademarks”…and “legal repercussions”. :wink:

You’re absolutely right, I did, and it’s my mistake. Chunk is an Epic Blue Dragon. I will change that now!

So long as you breed Chunk, Chunk will always be there to grow outside of the Fort event! Maybe this was out plan all along? Maybe it’s Maybelline? (oh no, that thing I said about licensing… :thinking:)


I got him. I love him. He’s adorable. I have him to level 10. One question. He is supposedly breedable at 8. When I try to see what he can breed with he doesn’t come up as a option to breed with. Who can he be bred with? Why isn’t he showing up as a breedable dragon.

Thank you. He’s so cute!


Move over Necryx, I just found my new favorite dragon. He’s even cuter than his concept art. Pure perfection, well done PG, well done. Also great live stream @PGCrisis, Chunk brought the destruction to those evil ballistas. Happy Birthday Chunky monster :blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart:

Definitely should have been a mythic though