A Majestic Creature is Appearing


I am happy that you decided that for yourself.
For me , cats are :poop: .
And Hippo is not a cat, whatever is shown by whoever :man_shrugging:


I didn’t know baby hippos needed to be oiled. Adorable pics … now I wanna hug a baby hippo. :heart_eyes::hugs::hugs:


I got chunk just because of this classic…


Lol I love that commercial. Damn it’s been a while since I have seen that


I have 9 goats… just got 3 babies.


At the shelter I work at we had 2 sheep brought in, that was an interesting one. Also had a hawk brought in but he was only there for a night.


What does you mean that ?


If youre asking about the bottom part then I assume PGCrisis means that nothing says you must feed chunk during the fort event, you just need to breed him during it. People are complaining about leveling him because wood is scarce as if they’re under the impression that he must be leveled up before the event ends for some reason. If you dont have the wood to spare then just wait until wood is plentiful once again and youre looking for some way to dump extra lumber.

It’s amazing how serious some people are taking this little guy. Ive been seeing so many lv 200s and 300s saying “he sucks. he’s not good. he’s a waste of tokens. Whats the point of him?” Do people not understand what a joke is anymore? He’s a gag gift, he’s not meant to be strong, he’s not meant to be useful, he’s not meant to be game changing. He’s meant to be entertaining and adorable, both of which he accomplishes every well :blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart:. Stand strong against the haters with no sense of humor my little ChunkyMonster, we love you and your bubbles


Don’t level him. The real April Fool’s is that after the event they’re going to get rid of ballista resist and give him white death gaze.


Legend says that if Chunky loves you enough then his ballista resist will turn into a new passive spell called hungry hungry chunkos which multiplies his stats by however much wood youve fed him.

Other legends say he must first do the fusion dance with dodo to unlock a new transformation and become Hippo-Griff


Idk why… But I was reading this again…

Can’t like it twice.


Best Dragon Ever.

This should totally happen.


Hmm… but what if you’re all organic? I would rather have a GREEN dragon if you know what I’m saying… call it Kush. :green_heart:



I was just speculating of course.


Can you add the answers to these questions in the main post under Q&A?

  1. Will Chunk be used as a parent in the future?
  2. Will you create a non-joke version of a dragon that eats wood in the future? A lot of people seemed really excited about getting a wood eating dragon that is useful (and a higher tier than blue. I would prefer one that is able to constantly evolve into the newest teir).

Sorry if this has already been answered, but there are way too many comments to read through them all. That is why I requested for the answer to be included in the original post (since I also think the answers are important).


Kinnara -> Kinnarus
Merk -> Merkt
What about Chunk?


Chunk -> Chunkina


Are you able to add a white resurrection spell to kick in once bellyflop is used. Then mightychunk will,become unstoppable chunk :smirk:


@Lutrus can you post a fantastic video of this OP majestic beast in WAR ACTION?



D2 war run:


LMFAO that was awesome cuteness overload