A Majestic Creature is Appearing


Chunck needs a rider. I have Kayla on him.


This will be a challange to complete.:joy:


equip a consumable death gaze and hit some high level farms :slight_smile:


I am launching him after Kirin and about 10 war cries. That has gotten him halfway in one run. its funny watching him spit tons of wood and that building never falling down.


good thing there isn’t a bug where if you use chunk, it will literally spit out your wood on your storage hut until it runs out.


I would pay to get that upgrade. Fun way to chop wood instead of always sitting on it or using a teammate as a chipper when raiding for food


and the mission is done. Not as hard as I thought.


Chunck Victorious

Happy Hippo - Chrome plated version

Ugh, he’s so wet and slimy… how does Kayla not fall off? #worstcat


It’s so dry and smooth (my phone)


No slime that I can see🤔


I had to get him as I love hippos. But, given his penchant for wood…if you’re going to keep him as a weak blue why not give him a wood looting bonus at least?


Bc he’s a gag gift. It’s a collectors item/April fools joke.


I think the plan is to let it breed with Dodo next year to birth a turkey/hippo abomination with a wood thunderstorm.


I’m hoping for a seasonal divine like Kinarus, but with a hippo familiar…


Is that a hippurkey? Turkpo?




I think they need to find some way to incorporate Sharnado in some fashion. Maybe a Shark dragon that has a tornado spell. :smirk::sunglasses:


Has to be called a Tornark. Copyrights and all.


Can I use a rejuvenate rune on chunk (he has super rejuvenate) or are there not any runes released for him yet?