A Majestic Creature is Appearing


Music to @PGJared’s ears. :notes:


It is a white spell! Christmas comes early for you (or late). The bad news is that it’s not going to do any damage


Exactly my thought, glitches that aren’t fixed and runes that aren’t working and they rather spend time on this. And they releasing 4.15 as a minor patch just for an icon change? How is all of this even important?


Guys. It’s just suppose to be something fun for the new player base. It’s cute and comical. Relax.

PG here is a recommendation. Maybe make a dragon that sprinkles Xanax all over your player base so they’ll chill out.


Do you understand the difference between the DESIGN TEAM and the DEVELOPERS They have different jobs. The design team are the artists not the people that wrote the games code schematics. Two completely different jobs and areas of expertise …


I love it. There’s things I am very eager & frustrated to get access to but it is awesome they continue to offer new things like that. I think the artwork is amazing. That’s my favorite part of the game [The graphics]


I mean, honestly, there were threads devoted to a lumber eating dragon, complete with artwork, spells, and the like.

So they gave you what you want and people STILL bitch about it. Go figure. I think I’m finally starting to see exactly why Atlas has to be perfect before it rolls out further. Wonder if we signed a “no whining” agreement if we could get it pushed to teams that agree not to complain about it? :rofl:.


You’ll sign one? :scream:


You do realize that after the design team does their art, programmers need to make that art a part of the game…


I might could be convinced. Might.

But yeah, Grumpy, I mean Chunky, looks awesome :rofl:

Speaking of Grumpy Big Birds, I wonder if they could do a remote likeness to Big Bird, as a dragon? That. Would. Be. Sweet.


I highly doubt the coders that focus on the complex aspects of the game are those that work on the simple design and making of a blue dragon…
Even if it’s the same developers that work on game schematics, they can work on multiple projects and they probably do.

It’s just a dragon…not that big of a deal. Enjoy it.


Omg he looks like a hippo :joy:


Psst…it’s a hippo


It’s a hippo rhino dragon
A Hinon…
A Drippo…?
A Rhippon!


He has a point. Again misplaced priorities by pg but hey here’s a hippo for all those that wanted a wood eating dragon. Personally think it’s okay that they did it but timing is just off.


It just seems like a classic bait and switch tactic. Fine whatever, it’s a cute hippo dragon. But it came at a time where PG has ignored more threads than normal. This game is riddled with issues and I hate to see people ignore those facts because the damn hippo is cute… I guess I should stop caring, nothing about this is new.


Great idea! I’m not a PG employee, so hopefully no one will be upset if I take a crack at designing this sucker:

Xanrok, the Bringer of Peace

Class: Warrior
Rarity: Legendary
Element: Ice
Tier: The yet-unreleased God Tier
Breedable: Yes
Parents: Xenot and Amarok


His spells are white because people would complain if they weren’t. They also all cost 3 rage, because it’s designed for people who have too much rage.

Chill Out
Active | White | 3 Rage
AOE spell. Calms towers down, causing them to stop randomly attacking any dragon or PG employee who comes near them.

Keep Calm And Carry On
Active | White | 3 Rage

5-second invincibility shield that lets you sail serenely through a base, unaffected by tower shots or forum posts.
Swear Jar (duration modifier): When cast, this spell scans your forum and chat history and conducts sentiment analysis to determine the number of angry outbursts you’ve had in the past week, then deducts that many seconds from the duration of the spell.

No Flaming
Affects all fire turrets on an island. Instead of firing a huge blob of flame after 3 seconds, the tower guards will now use those three seconds to think about where the dragon is coming from and how they might constructively express themselves.

Egg Token Resist
When you destroy a monument and would normally get 10 egg tokens, you instead get nothing, like you want.

Equestor Thunderbolt/chain lightning bug

But it’s a warrior :man_shrugging:


I sure do I was there and watched them back in October. Probably one of the reasons they only went to blue tier so they didn’t have to put in as much time. A lot less coding needed for the lower tier.

But with all the complaining everyone does around here you all sound like a bunch of spoiled kids with silver spoons. When most probably don’t even deserve a pewter spork


This was an epic post