A Majestic Creature is Appearing


The egg token resist is a classic in itself lol


“Feed me, feed me” said Chunk, the hippo-dragon-bellyflopping creature.


Did someone say close out all the support tickets!? Done!

The person who designs a joke dragon isn’t the person fixing bugs. Please chill out. This is a fun thing we whipped together for players.

I’m glad you can appreciate Chunk! Also, thanks for taking it in the spirit intended.

Design and Art are also different, but you have the right idea! It’s like when people ask me to personally fix bugs. I’d break the game completely.

You have a really skewed version of “ignoring”. PG has created a player discussion group specifically to work to improve gameplay features. We’ve hosted devs and designers on our livestreams more often than any time in 2017 so we could directly talk about features. I can personally attest that PGCoffee and PGReive spend a huge amount of time trying to fix or improve things based on player concerns. Just because you don’t get a PG reply on every thread doesn’t mean they’re being ignored. Perspective is key.

I already love this dragon.

Best. Dragon. Ever.


Yet all this talk about improving game play has resulted in nothing so far. I’ve yet to see a peep about sapphire wall or egg tokens. I have seen alot of talk about atlas which sounds like another money making scheme. So pardon me I’m not impressed so far. Until I see otherwise I’ll continue to believe everything PG does is for the money.


Nothing? Not, say, the frenzy rune fixes? Tower balance improvements after player feedback?

Oh, it’s that we haven’t touched your pet issues. Cool.


I love this dragon!. Something to bring a smile to my face :blush:. Can’t wait to laugh with his belly flop move!


Not exactly issues that are exclusive to that poster…more like nearly the entire playerbase. Just saying.


I get that, but ignoring the things that were done because you feel other things are more important is disingenuous. Criticize our prioritization all you want, but saying that the team hasn’t improved anything is completely wrong.


Meaning the eggs dropping from monuments for the next week or so?


Sure, you’re welcome to criticize that. Though I’ll point out it was a pretty low-hanging fruit and really was just a nice thing for players. Didn’t remove a ton of time from working on issues, though PX had to spend a large amount of time explaining that free breeding tokens were free.


I’m not criticizing that. I’m just asking if that’s what you meant.


Tower changes that affected only level 51+,so maybe 40% of player base. The sapphire wall isn’t just my pet issue. I wish it was,but it’s thousands of players pet issue. Far as I know chaos runes is still broken.


No, I meant like the Frenzy Rune fixes and stuff. The breeding tokens wasn’t a fix or an improvement really, just a nice gesture.


Omg this thread. I laugh so hard every time I read all the posts on a hijacked thread by griefers.

Thx for the fun dragon!


If you poke around some you’ll see I wasn’t rabble rouser about that whatsoever. I’ll take free eggs, seemed a neat idea given the easter holiday approaching No issues here :man_shrugging: Especially nice when you’re using rubies to speed up missions


Again you’re ignoring other fixes so you can focus on what wasn’t fixed. Honestly this conversation isn’t worth having at this point.


Hey, I like the breeding tokens thing! Can we keep it please?


Wish I could say yes, but it’s temporary. We are definitely looking at the impact the breeding tokens had on the economy and looking at ways we can improve the breeding token situation for players.


Is any video about this dragon’s flying ?


I agree. I’ll hold my tongue on further comments until 4.20 comes out.