A Majestic Creature is Appearing


This would NOT be a fix for anything, but adding the 10 egg tokens to the rotations of the stuff you get from shooting boats and stuff seems like a no brainer addition to me


Oops forgot to say I love the hippo dragon so hats off to the team. I’m gonna cast belly flop over and over :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:.


I love this too. It’s only blue, so it will be useless for me now, but I’ll get him just to see the belly flop! I think it’s great to inject a little fun in the game.

And for all those complaining anout a waste of time, lighten up and smell the roses. It’s just a game folks, it’s supposed to be fun. A flying hippo is fun, and it didn’t really “cost” anything. How about a little perspective?


i am already looking forward to the sequel…Bride of Chunky… I don’t think there’s any truth to the rumor that her spell will be Blows Chunks or whether the double entendres was intended…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I need to remember to bring the world’s tiniest violin with me whenever I visit the War Dragons forums.


I’m CRYING I’m laughing so hard. :joy:


Was chunk tested against a max base with defenders? :thinking:

This is such a cute little fella, I love him and the story behind :heart_eyes: definitely getting him. I hope he gets along with the harbingers, but I think he will roam the sunny fields on his own, searching for wood.

C‘mon guys, PG gave us a good laugh with this guy, don‘t treat everything so serioulsy.


I will get him, just to be sure if he someday gonna be parent to a OP rhino or elephant dragon, and I sure as hell don’t want to miss that!


That did change…but, that only occurred after the disasters that led up to it. I don’t remember the community dropping the ball on QA testing, hot-fixing or reverting unbalanced hot-fix without notifying the customers first.

I guess we should give praise that the UI changed as well… :thinking:


I’m sure he was, and he belly-flopped like a champ.


I feel a flop war coming!


This what you’re looking for marez :eyes:

And you obiwan


Imagine the devastation on a defenders base when the backer see this guy comes out



There are some things why this dragon is very bad …
One is the tier … blue…
The other thing is the spell set…
Ok ballistas work at lowlevels… but that hippospell which kill the dragon itself…
A white selfdestruct … could be much better made…

So that the dragon dont die immidiately , … just flow a few seconds more…
Or that you are able to rescue yourself with super rejuvunate… if used after it directly in time…
Maybe no rage but well…

On the other side… If this is a project DoDo 2 … then allow people to get some real beast in event which is worth using sigils… Like… 5 type element dragon… >Fire Hippo, Ice Hippo , Dark Hippo and so on…

If not during events… then temporary maybe…
Could you give out some informations in case ?


It’s a joke dragon Emrah… :man_facepalming:


Even if , the idea of bringing a new joke somewhere back , is a possible thing x)




Why is there a cool down for Belly Flop if it kills the dragon?


you just cracked me up with legit question :joy::joy::joy:


Well done PG, we had been waiting for a wood munching dragon like chuck, but seriously more than that. Is it an one off thing or something that the design team might be developing further? Say up to harbinger or feeding gives points during feeding? It would be awesome if it is in the pipeline.