A Majestic Creature is Appearing


Same reason there is a cool down on self destruct. You can cast multiple times but only use once.


This is what came to mind when I read about the belly flop.

But yeah, this is a dragon I will never get. I am in Gold Dragons. Useless to get a chunky blue dragon.


As long as the price is reasonable, it’s never been useless to get such a cutie :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


I’m in Sapphire - the dreaded wal!! And I’ll get him he’s too cute to pass up. If it’s only approx 3k tokens I can manage it. I think :thinking:


I remember Sam’s dragon. :slight_smile:


My main is at the end of Sapphire. Next breed is Jul and Renard if I can get enough tokens.


Yes, I knew I read this somewhere.

Sorry for stealing te idea without posting the source, shame on me! :see_no_evil:


Can u explain about belly flop briefly ?




You fall into water on your belly and it hurts a lot. Demonstration above



…a personal favorite of mine… i think it’s floptastic!


What do you need to know? All the info is already in the post, it’s basically a white self-destruct spell.


What’s meant by dragon’s BASE hp ? And y cooldown ?


he will die anyway, so idk what’s point of cooldown. Some magical shit.
Base HP means HP without research, runes and boosts.


@PGCrisis @PGJared
How can i get chunk, when my breeding castle is upgrading??? Upgrade lasts 15 days?


Just like self destruct. If you do not tap the screen while the spell is active, it will not self destruct, at least that is my best guess


You can access breeding through the research hall. Tap on something to research that you have insufficient eggs to research, and then tap on the eggs. It will take you inside the breeding castle to breed more.



I understand your frustration from players not acknowledge what has been fixed and only focus on what hasn’t been fixed. People seem to naturally more inclined to focus on negative aspects then celebrate small wins. Happens with a lot of other games too.

I think it would be useful to keep the Known Issues page up to date. It hasn’t been updated for 5 months now and there have been several updates and fixed implemented since then. There are known issues that are missing from the list, such as the vertical season prizes page.

Updated it when release notes were released to issues were found, also updating status and known workarounds. I imagine there is bug list with status floating around internally at least. But if the list were updated, people could link to it everytime someone posts something that’s already in the list. Also makes a nice list of things to say, “see what we have fixed.”

FWIW, I’ll probably be getting Chunky, he does seem like a fun little joke dragon. I’m still a little skeptical that he does actually exist… It is for April Fool’s after all.


This is a wonderful joke especially love the Belly Flop Spell. Of course only the most skilled of flyers will get it just right :wink:.
Truly wish it was real just for the hilarious laughs.
Wait…No…I take that back! To hard to find lumber as it is during fortification :scream:.
Thanks for the laugh PG