A Majestic Creature is Appearing


i guess i was being hasty


I want to see a contest with the hippo dragon. See who can defeat the highest level base or highest level tower with ONLY that dragon. No setup dragon and no cleanup dragon. Record the video, and post it here. Winner for each category gets 10k egg tokens or something like that.


Research hall, does not work. If I try green eggs, it says i have insufficiebt eggs and i could buy more with rubies. If i try golden eggs, just pop up an info, "you have insufficient eggs, and no button to go to breeding castle


i can still breed eggs that way :man_shrugging:
I just checked. try clicking on gold research and see


You need to press the actual egg.


Click here:


Works, thanks…


I have same problem and haven’t used this… thx for the tip!


Ok… but when are we getting MYTHIC BELLY FLOP runes!? Hopefully they add them to the runic chests!


You guys must get the most powerful dope😂


For the belly flopx3 missions. Do t actually use the spell. Just press the spell 3x to complete the mission…


Just like self destruct cast it and wait for the timer, don’t click anywhere


Great to see you guys developed the beaver concept



This dragon is definitely a one-off. It’s a joke dragon. That said, a dragon that eats wood may be something we can address down the road. It probably won’t look like Chunk though. For example, I don’t think feeding Chunk works for Fort events and might not even work for Feeding events.

It’s free. You just breed it.

Winner winner chicken dinner

BRB reallocating devs to designing that rune.


i really felt into :joy:

really… xD
But that image design could be used xD


Ok you have to make sure the rune doesn’t work though…like make it say “kills entire base” but in fine print it should say “fails to do any damage and actually heals destroyed towers” :joy::joy::joy: :eyes:



50% chance to destroy the whole base
50% chance to heal and power up the whole base

Imagine the thrill of this on a war attack.


Oh and make it require 5 rage that way people can umm actually still use the spell normally :grin:

I do kinda like the suggestion below of it having a chance to do either lol


It’ll do damage…to level 10 towers!


He is real :scream: