A Modest Proposal For Preventing Poor People From Being A Burden To Their Teams

It seems quite unfair. I can purchase victories via mega coin in PvP events. I can buy as many troops and revives as my AmEx card can handle in Atlas. Yet there’s no mechanism to straight up trade money for victories in main game wars?

It’s kind of the freemium 101 business model–frustrate the player and provide relief from said frustration via cash store purchases. Yet, one of the most annoying and tedious things in the game–staring at the screen waiting for war banners–has no purchasable remedy. This must change.

So I propose adding Red Cross consumables to gold chests (at an infinitesimal drop rate of course). These would take away a certain number of the other team’s war defenses–let’s say 5 for the sake of discussion. I’d also allow defenses to go negative from Red Cross use. Spending needs to confer a massive benefit in all aspects of the game, PG must be able to keep the lights on, etc. Should these prove as popular as I expect, Mega Crosses practically suggest themselves!





I love the title!
Though I did expect you to propose that higher levels eat the lower levels on their team…


E2P (I mean from the start) has limited player’s progress to certain extent.
F2P limits it even further.
We have quite disadvantage compared to spender, especially whale, in event.
And now in war too?

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Behold the equal majesty of the law, which prevents both rich and poor alike from begging in the streets, stealing bread and sleeping under bridges.

The Red Cross would be available to ETP/FTP via gold chest purchases so true equality would be achieved.

Do you want the lights to turn off at PG? We need Red Crosses.


@Spooky for president!


Like mega coin. This so called feature will become a requirement to win a war, which is determined by how many red crosses a team can buy (assuming 250/250, which I believe is pretty common in higher plat or above)

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Are you serious? :man_facepalming:

this is like saying: let make a tie breaker of rubies instead of defence point (which no cash can buy)


Lmfao you’re awesome :rofl:

Great title too :joy::joy: got the reference

Google modest proposal lol



So you don’t want PG to keep the lights on? Spending must confer huge, nay determinative advantages or no one will do it. This relic of main game wars must be conformed to the rest of the game. We need Red Crosses! I shouldn’t have to get eyestrain due to poor people who choose not to buy these vital items.


Now that I get that this is satire, I love it :laughing:


This fulfills I feel like trolling 👀


I didnt give any opinion, I just paraphrase it in a simple shorter term

But if that is the case why dont you just ask to buy ranking point with ruby or so. Wouldnt that be more direct? you dont have to do any war at all and save you worry about flames, it would be just automatic win with ruby/money.

For me the game is entertain because there is a risk to fail then I can pass it.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: I think this deserves a forum ban for giving this idea to PG…


I am rocking back and forth, head down in a dark room. I feel dirty, need shower,


I think keeping the lights on at PG is an unnecessary expense. They can work in the dark, just like the players do.

Now, where are the recipes for roast dragon?