A Modest Proposal For Preventing Poor People From Being A Burden To Their Teams


Such a sarcasm at peaks.
I loved the read.
spooky …


Well with a few more changes like that, why bother to play at all? Sounds like your suggesting that skill and or effort and teamwork should play no role in the game at all. Why not just set it up where you don’t even need to log in? You could just send pg lots of money and they can send you a email saying how great you are.


Google A Modest Proposal For Preventing the Children of Poor People from being a Burden to Their Parents or Country. and you will understand this topic is satire.


Obviously the sarcasm on the OP wasn’t strong enough. (or maybe it’s just you)


The thread currently has 43 replies, 1.1k views, 28 users, 115 likes. Must be him :man_shrugging:


:man_facepalming:t2: Red Crosses. Wars should be determined by the total dragons used by each team. Teams with a level 500 backing every war run would amount to 99 dragons used. A team of good fliers in the 300’s soloing even half the bases only nets 75 dragons used and the victory. Assuming both teams 250. Most defenses should be like a bonus. Losing team has most defenses they lose 1 less rating point and if the winner has more defenses they gain a rating point.


Aaaaaaaand we got another one! :point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2::man_facepalming:


Ooh, and playing off of another recent fantastic success for PG, I think they should combine wars with a bit of randomness: Team War Quests!!!

When a war is declared, the elves in the code randomly determine some factor(s) that the warring team has to follow, for example, Defeat the enemy bases using only Sorcerers. Or Defeat all bases higher than your team’s average base level using only Red tier dragons!!

Just think of the variety it could bring to the stale state of wars currently… Let’s make WD great again!


Maybe PG can make it so everyone gets different quests that are different depending on your level


:thinking: MareZ views and likes pack.


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